Sunday, March 29, 2009


I've moved. Here's where to find me. Things still need to spiffed up some, but for the most part it's usable. ;) Hope to see you over there!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Drive By Post

Just wanted to drop in and let you all know I'm alive. I'm currently working on something that should be a "surprise" for you all (no I'm not pregnant, thank the gods!) and that something is taking away time and energy from the blog. Also this is year end inventory for the workplace. And if that weren't enough to drive me batty we're completing our move into our new store the weekend after inventory is completed and throwing open the doors to the new facility. While I'm eagerly awaiting the day when this is all done and I can go back to being whatever it was I was before the madness of moving into a new building and expanding our retail space 4-5 times......I'm also terrified that I've forgotten something major and stressed out to the max. I'm also unsure what I will "be" when the move is complete other than "exhausted" and "spent" and "ready for the loony bin". So I've hit the level of stress where food is just fuel, what will be will be and really, it'll all be alright. So are we all on the same page? Yep. I'm a mess. lol

I am still spinning the Jacob as much as possible as the spinning is really keeping me sane right now. It's a small island of peace and tranquility in my life and I endeavour to spin each day so that I might make it through. I've also got this crazy notion that I might be able to spin up this whole fleece and then crochet it into an afghan before the deadline for entry into the State Fair here. It's completely insane of course, but it would slash down a whole list of 1St's for me. First full fleece spun, 1st long draw yarn, 1st sheep-to-completed project, 1st fair entry, etc. If I weren't such a chicken about having people judge my handwork, I just might make it. Hell, I've already decided who I'd like to gift the finished afghan to. HA! The yarn's not even done yet! What a dreamer. lol So anyway, in the way of update, I've finished the singles for the grey portion and have started spinning the white. I'll have to make a date with the carder soon though, as I'm working my way steadily through the white, have completed the copper mystery wool singles and have nothing carded "on board" for when I finish the white singles (probably next week.) As I plan on having two white singles to ply together this weekend when I switch over to the Jumbo flyer for plying the last of they grey and the plying of the copper, I think I should probably plan the next few fiber goals. I know I need to card up the mostly brown Jacob, but I'm longing for some color work, so I may have to throw some colors together in larger batches. Sounds like more color blending exercises. Yay! I'm looking forward to more Spring/Summer like colors!

Last but not least....I'm looking for your input. I'm being encouraged to joining Facebook. I'm against it much like the stereotypical old person is against all new technology. "You with your Facebook. You think your so smart!" I do not own, nor do I plan to own in the near future, a cell phone. I have a Myspace Acct but never use it because it's now blocked for security reasons at work, and my dial up at home just DOES NOT support it. I plan on deleting it as soon as I have a free Sunday to spend the day waiting for it to load so I can delete it. lol Satellite is outside our current budget for internet ("It costs what?!!! Do you know how much yarn/fiber I could buy every month for that?!!!!!) and DSL is not existent in the area we live the sticks! it really worth my effort to sign up for Facebook or is it just like having DSL or super fast connection to load the pages. Is it something I need to really be a cell phone user to get the optimal usage from? Should I bother? Let me know what youse think, k? I'm really wanting your opinion here.

OK and I truly apologise for the picture less posts. I'll make it up to you in a big way soon. I'm still in need of a camera to call my own, and I think I've found it. I just need to save up the money for it. Ugg. Yeah, I know. Anyhow. I'll steal the hubsters camera and take some pics soon. Promise.

If you don't hear from me in the next few weeks, just know I'm busy with work stuff and all free time is being spent on sanity enforcing endeavours. ;)

Love you all!