Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Off to work......

It's that time of day again. The time when I remind myself that I do have to take myself off to work or I will not have the resources to craft.....or the roof to craft under. Yet today I find myself wanting to sit at this silly computer and flesh out this blog page, "MY blog page". I still can't believe I have a blog, and it does cause me to giggle when I think about it. It only happened with the (much needed) help from my DH and will only become improved upon with his help too. I'll learn how to navigate around here and change the things I want at will. I think I'll work on sprucing up the page a bit, ad a few links, and he said he'd show me how to put the photos in so that they are thumbnails that open into a new window. That will save space and help the loading for others that (maybe) will be accessing this. Well, its that time. Out the door I go.

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