Monday, April 24, 2006

Mohair blowing in the wind..... it's not "blowing", but it is drying. lol. Thought I'd post a quickie pic to show the "method" I used for drying the mohair I washed up yesterday. I originally sorted it into those little laundry bags for washing and just kept them in there for the whole process. I think the next batch I do (once I've recovered from yesterday, hehe) I will make sure that all of them are not quite so full. I noticed that the fuller bags did not get as clean as the lighter ones. I also let DH know that next time, the water heater gets turned up. I'm just not boiling that quantity of water again! Luckily the dry warm weather here held out and I was able to let them hang all day so now they are completely dry. YEAH! The Oxford that was washed up is almost dry too, so I really really need to work on carding this stuff. Oh the joys of a growing stash!

On another note, I've been intrigued by reading about other's and thier love of knitting. It was something I was taught the basics of when I was a child, as Mom thought we should try these things. I've never picked it up as the use of two and sometimes three or four needles really boggled my mind. However, lately I've been thinking more and more that this is a challenge I'm up to. I was going to have Mom show me AGAIN how to do it but noticed that I had a few books on my shelf on knitting. So....being a complete glutton for punishment....I sat down last night with some cotton yarn I bought to make dishcloths (crocheted) and dug out my knitting needles (see, subconciously I knew eventually I'd get around to it. :) ) and started to read the beginners instructions. Yep, I did it. It's not even, it's not that pretty, but its a start. I'll post pics so you can laugh along with me.


sydney said...

I did that too. I filled one of my mesh bags too full when I was washing fleece the other day. It didn't come as clean as the other bags.

wooliegirl said...

Oh, I am impressed with you system. I may have to try this next week when I begin washing my fleece. Also, congrats on the free fleece!!! Way to go.
Hang in there for the knitting. It has taken me a LONG time to get to a cable or anything else resebling one :)