Tuesday, May 16, 2006

First Guild Meeting

I went to my first spinning guild meeting tonight and had a great time! I was nervous at first. I'm not really comfortable in "new" situations and this was definately new. Everyone was wonderfully friendly and welcoming. My friend Julie showed up with the Ashford Traditional wheel that she is loaning me for a couple of months and she got me started on it. I was completely amazed that it really was so easy to start spinning. Everything I'd read about and didn't understand became clear in an instant! It will take time and patience and practice to become good at this and produce even yarn, but I'm so excited to be using a real wheel! Julie said that after a couple of months she'd loan me her Ashford Traveler to try out. This is one of the wheels I picked out to buy...so I'm excited about that! I came home, set up and sat spinning for awhile, but now I'm so pooped out it's time for bed. Hopefully the new hand cards will show up at work tomorrow..... :)

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sydney said...

Congrats on having a loaner wheel to spin on. I've been eyeing the Ashford Traveler for a while now too. It took me a while to get the hang of spinning on a spinning wheel and getting everything coordinated.

My nearest guild is an hour and a half away. It meets on a weeknight and I can just never seem to get over there.