Saturday, July 15, 2006


The Wheel IS DONE!!!

Here is a pic of part of the staining process on the wheel. There were a couple of late nights to get it done. And no, I'm not impatient at all, at all. ;) Tonight was "assembly night" and thankfully hubby helped when the going got tough. But mostly he let me put it together.

Here's a pic of Hubby sneaking in a test spin when he thought I was cooking him dinner. :) I cropped the pic so you can't see the stash of fiber and craft supplies that innudate this room. heheh trickey, eh? can see the bag of American Eskimo sitting on top the box of vacuume packed wool in the upper right corner, but really....that's not all the stuff lurking in that room. VBG!!

Here's another view of the test spin....and then a final pic of the beauty. (Oh crud, you can see the stack of fiber in the corner behind him! lol) I'm so terribly excited!!!! I can NOT believe how smoothly she spins and how wonderful it is! (and it's MINE MINE MINE! mwahahahahaha!) Sorry bout that....lost control for a minute. We'll I'm off to spin on the new wheel. I need to get fiber moved from the bobbin on the loaner wheel so I can return it on Tuesday to it's owner. (one of my enablers!) If you don't see me for awhile, I'll either be madly washing fleece, carding fleece, or spinning it up! YIPPEEE!


Sydney said...

You're wheel came out beautiful! Enjoy spinning on it!

April said...

Thanks Sydney! I am enjoying her soo much! I cannot believe how smoothly she spins and how easy it is to use! I'm on cloud NINE here! heheh

Cindy said...

It's beautiful. I'm embarrassed. I actually read this post, but was too tired to remember. My apologies. Your wheel is so pretty. Did hubby spin anything useful???

April said...

Oh Cindy, don't be embarrassed and no apologies needed. Too tired? lol I've been walking around in a daze for two days cause I'm staying up too late spinning on the new wheel. hehehe. Hubby didn't spin anything at all, just made the wheel go. I keep teasing him I'll get him spinning in no time and he keeps saying "no". We'll see. lol