Sunday, August 20, 2006

Aaahhh! Sunday!

No yarn or animal pictures today.

And NO garden progess. It was much to hot to work in the garden today and I had a load of housework to catch up on. First on the agenda was cleaning out part of my craft closet and destashing some of my fabric. That's done and now the drum carder has it's own shelf freeing up my table top for scrapbooking or carding when I want. I managed to get the carpets clean today because really, they were horrendous! Then I ripped through the rest of the house work and DH folded the laundry! (AH HA! I knew you knew how to do that!!!! lol)

Don't kid yourself, there was fiber work (playing) today. I tryed Solid Purple 2.0 last night...and it's not so solid...but I'm down to a mostly two color splitting now. lol. It'll be very pretty spun up and I'm thinking Melissa will like it better than the solid she requested. Especially after the way she looked at the Not So Solid Purple. lol Today I dyed up some Moss Green (yep it split*) and then I dyed some brown fleece in a black dyebath. Why, you ask? I was curious to see if this brown would take up the dye and turn black black. It's hard to tell what colors it is. I can still see some brown, but the lighter browns turned a blue it will have to wait to be determined. Right now I have some yellow and some blue finishing up on the stove. I couldn't remember what the other color I was going to do today I mixed up 4 packets of Berry Blue Kool-Aid in a quart of water and that's the blue I've got going right now. Of course, after plopping the wool in, I remembered I was going to dye (0r try to) some of the Esky fur Purple to blend in with the Purple 2.0. Looks like I'll be doing one more batch tonight as I'll need that Esky at drum carding time. lol

Last night I could not sleep (again) and really wasn't in the mood to spin (gasp) or knit (suprise) so I pulled out a project that's been on the back burner for awhile. I've been wanting a "knitting basket" to hold my notions and what-not for awhile. Not being able to find the one I wanted, I just bought a wicker style waste basket at the dollar store with plans to line it in fabric. Last night I did just that and yes I cheated. I started sewing the fabric liner in it and then remembered that I have a glue gun!! I got this wrapped up in about 10 minutes! heheh This pictures shows it empty...but you can see the stuff piled around

This pic shows it loaded up and ready to go! It works perfect! Holds everything I need, and more! The nice thing about completing this project is that I found my point protectors that I bought at the bottom of the basket. So, no more dropped stitches! As you can tell by the pathetic little start of a sock to the right of the basket, I've not been in much of a mood to knit. I really need to get on with that sock and finish the darn pair! Especially as it looks like I may be knitting some slippers soon. lol

On another note we took the Diamond Doves to thier new home. I decided last week that I would find them a new home, and not build an aviary for them due to Abbie's desire to EAT them. When I discovered that she would climb up the cage even when it was covered....I gave up. They went to a really nice home with a huge aviary. They'll be living with bugies, finches, button quail, doves, pheasants.....and NO cats! They will absolutly love it there. The people are really nice and I know they have a good home, so I have no worries about them. Now I just need to get rid of the extra chair in the living room and I can set my fish tanks back up. VBG. It's been over 4 years since I had my fish tanks running and I want them back up and going again. I'm going to take it slow and do the live planting right before any fishies come to live with us. First hurdle will be removing the HUGE spider that has taken up residence in the tank being stored in the shed. Did I tell you I'm terrified of spiders? And no, it's not getting better the older I get!

Well it's time to cook some food for the guy in the other room. Oh yeah....and start another purple dyebath. ;)

**I think the dye is splitting because I'm putting too much fiber in the dye bath. Either that or the Fiber Fairie is having a good time with me!

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Sydney said...

I like you knitting basket. I have a basket I've been planning to line and use for a knitting basket in the bedroom.

Have fun setting up the fish tanks. They are so much better with live plants.