Sunday, August 06, 2006

Friday Fun

Yes, I know it's Sunday. I'm just trying to catch up. (story of my life!)

Every 6 weeks (approx) a good friend of ours comes over to color/cut my hair and trim up Don's hair. Every time she comes over, Abbie has a love affair with her box of goodies and usually ends up sitting inside it. This time she fell in love with one of the brushes in the box, so said friend got it out for her. Thankfully the brush can be cleaned as I have no idea how expensive a hair dressing boar hair brush is!. The following pictures are a sampling of what we were subjected to. Keep in mind that this is our "touch me not" cat who tries very hard to be dignified. All caution was thrown to the wind when she got near that brush

As I was heading to bed that night Salem came out of the bathroom calling me. I went into the bathroom to see what he had brought in and was shocked to see this.

I had to get the camera and take pics as I really didn't think anyone would believe me. lol. The bat was easy to catch in a towel and I was able to release him/her outside so it could take up eating the bugs again. It didn't seem to have any injuries and flew right off when it realized it was free. Never can tell what that cat will bring in!

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