Sunday, September 03, 2006

Forbidden Fiber

This is Abbie.
You've all met her before.
She's Don's darling.
He's her human.
She only puts up with me because I bring home her food and treats and have the proper length fingernail for scratching her chin. If she thought he could be trained to do these things.....I'd be history in her book. hehehe. She is definately "Forbidden Fiber." There are two people allowed to pet her uncoditionally and I'm not one of them. Ironically, she is the SOFTEST cat I have ever touched. Salem is pretty soft...and cuddly.....but nothing compares to this one. AND SHE HATES TO BE TOUCHED by anyone other than Don and my Mom. Funny, no? Occasionally she will grace my lap and purr, allowing me a few pats. Usually I have to have the lamp on over my shoulder and Don has to be ignoring her for this to happen, but I take what I can get. Oh! and the white belly fur is the softest.....I've got scars to prove it. lol

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