Tuesday, October 24, 2006

SSk-Cross Post 10/24

I'm still working on the Fuzzy Feet slippers and am finally making progress. I really like this pattern as it is so simple and knitting in the round is my new favorite! It's so much easier on my hands (and brain really!) I did misread the pattern and had to tink back two times so I've not made as much progress as I had hoped. I am almost to the point of decreasing for the toes and will probably do that tonight. I'll cast on the second one immediately and if history is any indicator the second one should go faster. I can't wait to felt these as I've never felted anything before.

I did check with Noble Knits and had TOTALLY misunderstood my order. (My fault, not thiers.) The pattern for the Felted Clogs is out of stock and that's why it has not shipped yet. I may have to try and find it on Ebay or something because it's been almost a month since I ordered and it's not in stock yet. I've checked other sites and no one seems to have it in stock so the hunt is on. I really hope I can find it! Anyone know of a vendor with it in stock??? lol.

I've already picked out the next object d'SSK. It looks simple enough for me to make good progress too! We'll see. More on that later.....

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Leah said...

Hi April...I'm placing an order with my supplier today and they are never out of stock on anything...is it the Fiber Trends clog pattern? If so, I'll order a couple in and they should be here by the end of next week and I can ship it out to you right away. Just LMK...I should probably get a couple for the shop anyway :) I MIGHT HAVE IT IN THE SHOP NOW...come to think of it. I'll check when I go to work and let you know tonight!