Wednesday, November 22, 2006

2007 Challenge

I'm at the end of a busy day and I wanted to get this posted before I get tangled up in the dinner thing. No pictures to post today but I guarantee I'll be posting pics in the next few days. I spent the better part of today cleaning the house up, but managed to dye some fiber as well as wash a small quantity of fiber for a guild project. I'm happy with how the fiber came out (gee, it's silk/merino....what's not to like?) and will post on that as soon as it's dry. Right now one looks like spinich and the other looks like blue worms. lol As I was cleaning the house today I was thinking about a conversation I had with DH last night and thought I should post part of it here. (Don't worry, it's not bad. lol)

Lately I've been de-stashing the house/yard/shed and generally my life. (Hence the fat redux here too.) I've been lucky in this as Don has willingly gone along with this de-stashing even up to the point of dieting with me. Granted, it so far has not involved anything of "his"(other than his food ) or him having to move the stuff out of here; but still, the support given (however subconsiously lol) is greatly appreciated.

So anyway, lately I've been thinking about my Craft Closet and my STASH......some of which is stored in the shed. Not all of the stash was purchased, in fact there are several items in my stash that were gifts. Don't get the wrong idea here, this isn't a monetary issue. ;) I just got to thinking that I probably could entertain myself with my stash for a full year. If it's not the sewing, it could be the beading, or the spinning, or the knitting or the crocheting or the scrapbooking, or the...or the....or the.....Well I think you get the idea. I'm sure there are other craft stuff in there the paints and the Fimo....see what I mean?!!

All this leads up to a planned challenge for myself during the 2007 year. My major craft goal for 2007 is to "live" off my stash for the whole year. Certain staples of the crafts can be replaced after used up. These items would include basic tools such as adhesive or thread or dye. Tools like that. They would NOT include the Cricut that I drool over every time Maria pulls it out! Or the LOOM that I'm trying not to get involved with. (Now...if I happen to turn some cardboard or a picture frame into a loom that's ok. lol)

Want proof I'm serious?

I told hubby about that goal. Don't ya know I'll get reminded of it??? hehehehe. Ok so if anyone else is interested in doing the same, and want's a bit of support, give a shout out and I'll be there for you.

I have some project specific goals for 2007 as well and I think I'll add them to the side bar eventually. Things like, making something out of my handspun. Or learning to ply in several different ways. Oh and how about that Beaded Egg I want to complete?! Then there are the spindle pins that I want to make.The crocheted ornaments would be nice to complete too. As you can see, I've got a bunch of projects. Definately enough to get through the next year. Anybody have any crafting goals set for next year yet?

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Sydney said...

I've been trying to clear things away and not buy much yarn lately. Some days I feel like there hasn't been much progress but now even Rick is getting in the clearing away mood. I did take advantage of a going out of business sale but otherwise I haven't bought much in the way of fibery stuff.