Wednesday, December 06, 2006

And the rest...blah, blah, blah.

There has been NO progress on the sweater in the last week and a half. I did cast on for one piece of the front and I do believe I finished the ribbing at the waist...but I put it down to crochet the guild squares, and then I've been spinning too. And well, with the bad weather and the power being out there was house work to get caught up on. And a project for a company Christmas Party. So here it is...all the rest of what needs to be caught up on.

First the Moss Green skein. This one is so pretty it gets two pictures too. I've finished one skein and have started spinning up the rest. This is the first time I've spun two bobbins half full then plied them together so the results would fit on one bobbin. I tried to count the treadles in this one too, but didn't do as well as on the brown. This one is fairly balanced, but curls back on itself a little.

I'm still spinning singles of this up and will ply them together to get another skein or two, but am considering plying them with other colors. Maybe I'll try a cable ply! Well, that's a thought, isn't it?! It did come out very soft and the flecks of color in it are very nice.

This is the Dragon yarn in process. It's the first bobbin/first single and I have to confess to it being a bit of a pain to spin. I didn't get enought lanolin out of it in the washing process so it's sticky to spin. (That may have been part of the reason the dye bath split too.) I've not been spinning much of it lately as the green has been calling and has been such a pleasure to spin. ;) I think you understand. I'm looking forward to finishing this though as it's earmarked for some socks and I think they'll be fabulous when done!

This weekend is our Company party and part of the fun is a White Elephant gift exchange. One of the gifts we are taking is a hand made ornament. Seven snowflakes hang inside the glass globe. Today I completed the snowflakes and this picture shows them drying after the last application of clear nail polish in the appropriate spots. I'm going to try to get the ornament assembled tonight. It was nice to bead for a bit today. I've got a few beading projects lined up and must make the time to do them.

Only 17 days until VACATION time! YIPEE! Hubby and I have some time off over the holidays. We were able to get some of it off together and (hopefully) will play tourist in our own state. The plan is to go do some fun day trip stuff and still take time off to just kick back. I am sure that there will be crafting time allotted. ;)

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