Thursday, December 28, 2006

Yellow, Green and A Bit of Winter Sun

One of my goals for 2007 is to incorporate more interesting photos in this blog. As I look at some of my favorite blogs, I try to decipher what it is about that blog that I think is great. What keeps me coming back for more? There are many things that cause me to keep coming back, but one major one is the photography posted. (Granted one of my favorite blogs has little or no photos...but I am neither as entertaining as that blogger, nor as talented at drawing) In looking back on the posts of the past here, I've decided that I'm bored with my standard black background. It is very functional and certainly has it's place, but really I can do better than to use the same background over and over. So today is the beginning. I give you the yellow yarn, the green yarn and the yellow/green mini skein that was made from left overs!

Today was an absolutely gorgeous day! It was one of those rare Northwest sunny winter days where the sky is a clear blue, the hills are dusted with snow and the sun is so glorious you'd think it was almost warm outside. I took advantage of the sun and used it for todays pictures of the yarn.

I have not a project in mind for the yarn yet. The Moss green and the Yellow started as this, and the Yellow carded looked like this. I'll add them to my stash of yarn and wait until something screams out for green or yellow. It could be awhile as I don't make many yellow items. lol

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sydney said...

I really like the colors in the yarn. It feels so sunny. Those pictures are very nice too.