Wednesday, January 03, 2007

The End Has Come

Ah well, I knew it would happen eventually. Yes. It's over. My vacation that is.....I'm back to work tomorrow. For someone who is not used to having two days off in a row, the last 11 days have been great! I do like my job though so I'm not all together opposed to going back to work. I do have some projects lined up for work that I want to get moving on so going back is not a bad thing. (Not like the last It's just amazing to me that the vacation thing is over already. lol
For some reason, this time I do not have the "back to work panic" that I used to have. I guess that is because I spent a lot of time crafting this vacation...and I do mean a lot of time. lol. I've finished a few skeins of yarns. One of which is posted at left. I apologize for the pic in advance as it's showing the yarn at a much deeper pink color than it is in real life. We can't have good lighting for pictures all the time I guess. lol. It just amazes me that this is the same fiber that was so grotesque in the carding process. I guess that's a lesson in "not judging, ect, ect..." It's still a bit too "pink" for me, so I'll find an away from home project for it. lol

There was much time spent relaxing. In fact, this was the most relaxing time I've had in ages! Believe me, it's been needed. Don and I spent some quality hours in our favorite 2nd hand bookstore---after a fabulous lunch---and I walked out with these beauties. Yes I know that I've pledged to craft out of my stash for this year. Yes I know there are some books on crafts that I have no stash to go with yet, and yes....I remember that I am NOT going to start another craft until at least 2008. But really, when you run across books at the used bookshop that fit your just have to snap them up! They may not be there in a year! And they won't do any harm on the bookshelf.
One of the things I did complete was the center piece of my lap afghan. I just completed it this morning and wove in all the loose ends. It's now ready to reclaim it's spot in the bottom corner of the craft closet awaiting it's border crochete for the next two years. ;) (Hopefully not in all truthfullness...but I am trying to be more realistic this year. lol) I did not work on Don's socks, nor did I work on my sweater. I'll pick them back up again probably this weekend. It's time to get that sweater moving again!
Well, I'm off to bed to read for a bit before crashing. Today was the first day in 11 that I woke up at a normal time, and tomorrow morning it's for real.....with breakfast to cook and lunches to make, ect. lol.

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