Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Snow Day!

Mother Nature dumped a heap of snow on us last Wednesday and I'm just now getting around to posting pics. Sunday was busy and well....if you know know how time gets away from me. Anyhoo...Don snapped this one of Tucker checking out the new snow at 0'dark thirty. It's so nice to see puppy prints in the snow out front again! ;)

Before Don left for work, I went out and snapped a few pics of Tucker playing in the snow. He likes to burrow in the snow, roll in the snow, run in the snow...ect. He really really likes the snow. lol

We ended up with well over a foot of snow that day. We also lost more than a few tennis balls playing with Tucker. ;) By Monday most of the snow was gone, and the toys were back! Happy puppy!

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