Sunday, June 10, 2007

Squire Creek Ranch Alpacas

Last Sunday DH and I took a drive up to Squire Creek Ranch to check out the Alpacas there. Squire Creek Ranch is owned and operated by Alan Pickard and Michael DeDear who are members at the Co-Op I work at. I'd never been close to an Alpaca before and really know very little about them, but the spinner in me gets curious about these things and I was very glad to get a chance to see the ranch.

When we arrived we were greeted by some energetic Pyrenees dogs. These dogs are great livestock guardians and, having Tucker at home, the size thing didn't even faze us. This farm is so very lovely! I can completely understand why they live where they do! (Personally, I'd never want to leave home if it were me.)Not only is the view wonderful, but they have all these wonderful critters around!

Alan walked us through the fields and explained all about their breeding program, pointing out the traits in the animals that they were aiming for. We talked about their recent successes during this last show season. He showed us each and every animal there and answered about a million questions from us. lol We were also able to "feel the fiber on the animal" so to speak. I never expected to be able to pet one...let alone several.

The day before had been sheering day for some of the them so we were able to see Alpacas with and without their fuzziness. It's amazing how much difference in size that covering of hair can make. These guys were hanging out, but definitely were denying me the pleasure of petting them.he he

Isn't he a regal looking thing?! He certainly knows he's special, that's for sure. Really the pictures will do a much better job of showing you how adorable these critters are than me just blathering on. It was just a very nice visit and their love of the animals really shows through. While this is a business venture for them, it's not just a business venture and it shows.

I've added a sidebar button with their logo on it. (Thanks DH!) As soon as I can I'll figure out the code that will make it a functioning "click-on-the-button-and-it-takes-you-to-their-website" button. In the mean time, the link to their website is at the side as well. If you have ANY interest in Alpacas, check them out. They are wonderful people to deal with and they truly care about their animals.

Wait until the next get to see what I got while I was there!!!! hehehehe Totally shocked me!

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