Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Update 1

It's raining. I have the day off and it's raining. YIPEEE! You'd think that as we progress into August that I'd be savoring every single sunny day left, knowing full well that the rainy season is just around the corner. Quite to the contrary. I find myself sighing with relief as I look out the window as the rain brings with it a chance for me to do some catching up inside. Right now my house looks much like a family of baboons live here with general housecleaning having taken a backseat to whatever else has come along lately. Cleaning the house during the summer happens in fits and spurts.......when the house is so dirty it's giving me fits......there are spurts of cleaning. I live in horror that Kim and Aggie from "How Clean is Your House" will drive up my driveway one day. NOOOO! So today, there will be some cleaning going on around here. I'm hoping as fall hits and the rainy season takes off with gusto that I'll be able to use some of that time to glean out some of the stuff we never use and dispose of it. That however is waaaay off in the future. Today's goals are just to get the surfaces clean and recognizable again and to dispose of the mountain of burnable garbage that built up during the recent burn ban. With a little luck, I'll get some organizational time in the craft closet as it's time to start a new project.

What was that?!!!........A new project?!!.......Does that mean one's been finished?!!!! As you know, that's not always the case with me, but this time yes, it's true. With road construction slowing things down at work, I've been getting some knitting done at work. The boss stands there and watches me sometimes, which cracks me up. His mom taught them to knit and crochet when they were kids and he just enjoys watching it, so he says. lol With the extra knitting time, I managed to finish the second sock for Don in record time (for me) and cast of last night. The second one came out better than the first in my opinion, and the strips are only a hair off, but hubster is very happy with them. I even have some yarn left over to darn them with should a hole appear. It felt good to cast them off, but was also a bit of a downer. I have several projects that I want to do and one of them is slated as the next one, but I seem to have the post project blahs. I'm hoping a session of "looking" in the stash will snap me out of it. lol. Next up is to be a pair of slippers for Melissa. The project has changed so much that I'm not sure which ones she'll get yet......but I have a cunning plan.
I know I mentioned previously that I'm learning to ride a motorcycle. The class that I'm taking to get my endorsement is the first week of September, and with all the practice time Don and I have been squeezing in here and there, I'm feeling much more confident. I can actually visualize riding the thing down the road now! lol When I first started I couldn't visualize leaving a parking lot.hehehe Last weekend we picked up a 25 year old motorcycle that's almost identical to Don's for a super good price and now it's getting it's overhaul. As it needed carburetor work, it had been sitting for awhile and this meant that it also needed to be detailed out. ;) Don's in charge of the mechanical end of things, but I'm sure I'll end up getting a wrench turn in here and there. He has no interest in the detailing and polishing part so that's my lot. I was really impressed with how good of condition it is in. There's really not much damage to the chrome at all and the painted parts are polishing out nicely. I'll post pictures when I get it done. All of this of course takes time....hence the lack of posting.
I think I'll close this one out at this point so that the posts are not too long. Oi! I have a LONG list of post ideas to get done! lol

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Are my feet really that big? Sheesh!