Sunday, December 30, 2007

Christmas Recap

Christmas morning (late) we decided to take Tucker for a short trip to the local Falls so he could get some exercise before we headed over to the in laws house. As we have no two legged children, Christmas morning is a pretty laid back affair at our house so we had some time to kill. Tucker was a bit wound up as DH and I had been in and out and back and forth all without him, and he was ready to go for a ride.

The "falls" are a beautiful place to see, and at this time of year the roar of the rushing river is pretty impressive. (Don has pics and video over at his blog and I'll try to get it onto my Youtube to share with you guys.) My main goal was to get the pooch some exercise and help him wind down a bit. The trail down to the fish ladders/falls is pretty good exercise, as is the steep flight of stairs back up. Don had fun trying out the new camera he got for Christmas and took some video with it as well. He snapped these two pics of the pooch before we left. I'm breaking my "in denial about what I truly look like by not having pictures of me" rule and posting one of the two of us for reference. It helps you get an idea of his true size if you can see him next to his human. ;)

PS. We drove home in snow that night, and it's not left since. In is still snowing right now! Thank goodness for vacation time!

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