Sunday, May 04, 2008

The Post--Some Gorey Parts

I intended to post last Sunday night but for reasons I'll explain later, I didn't get around to it. First I give you a pic of the first Mermaid single. I'm working on the second off and on. It's coming out pretty nice and I'm excited to see how the complete yarn turns out. The picture is blurry, but you get an idea of what the colors are.

And now a picture of Tucker wrestling with his new Monkey Stick. This is his third so far and he really loves this toy more than anything.

And just to be weird, here's a picture of a piece of Tucker's food. (penny for size reference.) He eats Royal Canin Giant Breed Dog food and loves it. I imagine the kibble size is to help prevent "gulping" of food, which very large dogs are prone to. Tucker's never really been a gulper and chews up his food really well regardless of size. The picture though is to give you an idea of what the Stellar Jay had to deal with when it tried to steal Tucker's food. While it was amusing for me to watch, I had to feel bad for the poor thing. With it's beak wide open trying to fly off with this hunk of food. It dropped it several times before disappearing with it. lol

OK this next part has some slightly gory pictures in it so if your timid at all, scroll past them to the last two. (Yes Maria, I mean you!)

The weather here has been a bit erratic to say the least, but from what I'm reading on other blogs and in the news I don't really have much to complain about. Last Sunday was going to be iffy weather wise, so after our usual breakfast in town we hustled home to get our lawns mowed. I'm trying to rejuvenate the smaller back yard and wanted to get some seed tossed down to fill in the bare spots. While Don mowed the front yard I moved into the veggie garden to start getting the beds weeded, with plans on planting seeds during the week. I usually have seeds planted by then, after all it was the end of April. But with the late snows and bad weather falling on my days off, last Sunday was the first day I was able to get out to the garden. I managed to get the lettuce circle, the long bed and the carrot bed cleaned out. The bulk of the time was spent on the carrot bed as I had let carrots over-winter in it and had to finish harvesting them out. I finished this up just as the rain started falling again and headed into the house to clean carrots.
Yep, I had a sink full to clean up before prepping them for the freezer. It was wonderful to smell fresh carrots so early in the year! They scrubbed up pretty fast and with the aggressive bristles on the brush I was using I didn't have to peel any of them before slicing. I have a mandolin slicer that I used to make carrot rounds and then I vacuum pack them for deep freezing. While I was slicing up the last handful of carrots, the carrot popped off of the slicer and I cut my finger. To me, it was a deep cut and pretty gory. It took nearly an hour to get it to stop bleeding and hurt pretty bad. It was a good thing I had Don to help me, to be sure, and he doesn't "do" blood. ;)
I snapped these two pics on Monday after work to document what it looked like. I discovered then how hard it is to take a picture of your own right hand, left handed, when you're right handed to begin with. So sorry for the blurriness, but you get the idea of how much and how deep the cut is. I can only think how lucky I was not to have it be my finger tip. It's been bad enough, but at least I can type.
This is a pic Don took today. It's healing up nicely, even if it's still pretty painful. I can certainly tell when I've done too much with my hands. It pretty much put a stop to knitting and spinning. I did try to knit some, but it was awkward and slow not using my index finger and when I did use my index finger I'd end up stabbing the cut with a needle or something equally stupid like that. So not much progress there.

Oh, and I forgot to tell you, here's what my garden and lawn looked like Wednesday morning. Yep, more snow. I think that's quite enough now, don't you? Let's get on with warmer weather!



Taueret said...

oh your poor finger!

aksunflour said...

hope your finger has healed up nicely now.
Oh to have fresh dug carrots... I have heard that if carrots are left in the ground the second summer they produce seeds.

Donna said...

I hope you finger is better and I have to admit I wizzed right past the pictures. I must get Oliver a Monkey Stick. Tucker looks like he is having a great time. What a handsome fellow he is and Olover sends him his best woof.

dogquilter said...

Tucker is too cute with his monkey.

Hope the finger gets better soon.