Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Kids!

After a recent grocery shopping trip we discovered that Abbie has a "thing" for the reusable sacks. She curls up on them, wherever you lay them. Usually they are taken right back out to the car, but I missed one and she latched onto it quickly. The next chance I had, I took it back from her and there the pouting began. When I came home from work that night this is what I found. Don said she looked really upset that her comfy spot was gone, so he put her blanket out for her. And yes, this is my kitchen table. Talk about spoiled!

Here's a shot of Salem laying in the shade.
Then something caught his eye!

Last but not least....

Cody was probably under the bed or behind the toilet during this photo shoot. Bandit? He was probably sleeping somewhere. lol

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