Monday, August 11, 2008

I harvested veg from our garden yesterday. It was sad. Evidently I bought mini squash plants when I bought the replacements for the seeds the birds kept eating. I'm sure they'll be tasty, and they are very cute, but they really are not going to go very far! I was feeling that the garden is pretty much a bust this year until I went out today to take care of some stuff. I was surprised to see some bush beans I planted actually coming up! If they do well, and the climbing ones do well, we'll at least have beans in the freezer. It's about time to replant lettuce and spinach for fall. Maybe our fall crops will be better. ;)
Here's a pic of Abbie on the prowl. She's looking for her favorite grocery sack to sleep on. I moved them out of her sight so I could get them loaded back into the car. She wasn't happy with me at all. She was even less thrilled with the hairball remedy squirted between her toes. Evidently the new food they're eating isn't doing the full trick. At least today she started taking the sticky stuff off my hands so I don't have to wrestle with her anymore.
I leave you with a pic of the worlds cutest dog. He was pretty sure that day that he needed to go for a ride. We didn't go that day, but we did go last Thursday. I'll come back and tell you all about it later. Gotta get dinner on the plate! ;) Take care all!


Cindy said...

Kitties are so stubborn. Your veggies are darling and that last pic is too adorable for words. Give that big ole silly boy a hug for me, huh?

Firefly Nights said...

I eat a lot of squash and zucchini with tomatoes, cauliflower, onions, and garlic so I would also have been sad about the mini squash.