Monday, September 29, 2008

Diagnosis = A Bloggage!

Well I've planned several different posts on different subjects and because of all the planning, I've a bloggage and cannot seem to post at all! At this point the condition is not serious, but the only way to remove the bloggage is to just post multiple rambling blog posts until all the updating is done and it's all out of my system. Evidently I've been having too much fun and that's what caused this condition. There's just too much to tell! I know, poor me huh?lol

So I'll just start posting pics and stories in no particular order until we get all caught up, k?! K! Sounds dandy to me! And really it's much less work than trying to sort it all out chronologically.
Right now my house smells absolutely nummy! I am currently making a batch of beef/elk jerky and the house smells like spices. (Apologies to my veggie friends, I'll share the wonderful herb/veg smells later!) I bought a food dehydrator this month and have been having a grand time dehydrating stuff. I've done bananas, a couple of different batches of jerky and even cantaloupe. This thing makes the house smell so good. I did some dehydrating a long time ago and forgot how good it makes everything smell. ;) This pic is from the first grouping I did and I think each batch gets better. The goal behind buying the dehydrator was to be able to dehydrate some veggies for soup mixes and herbs for teas and cooking. So far all I've done is fruit and jerky and we're loving it. ;) Part of the batch of bananas I did I sprinkled with cinnamon sugar and they are really nummy. I can completely see them re hydrating in a bowl of oatmeal on a snowy morning. NUM!
Here is proof that we have been complete slackers in the housekeeping department this summer! No really, this is just Don's recliner that he uses as a dumping ground when he gets home. (Mines just as bad. lol) We have plans to sit down and and re-evaluate our storage options for the both of us to make our small (but happy) home more usable for both of us. (Evidently we'll have to clean off the recliners to sit in first!) In the mean time, this is his staging ground for leaving home and his dumping ground when he gets here. I'd have to take a pic of our kitchen table to show you mine "staging ground". ;) lol. I actually took this picture to prove a point. There's a cat hidden in plain sight here......can you find him? Salem has such a dark coat that he blends into the shadows so well and I often don't notice when he's right there in front of me.
Can you see him now? Amazing what flash can do! Doesn't look comfy to me, but he seemed happy enough.
Seasons around here are often defined by what the animals are up to and how they are behaving. For example...this is the same position he was in when I left that morning. This was taken the same night after work. ;) In the Spring, Salem disappears all day and I have to call him in at night, often worrying when he doesn't show up before I fall asleep. During the Summer months I rarely see him. When Autumn hits, he's all over the house sleeping everywhere. It's as if he's not slept for two seasons! Lately he's even taken to cuddling with the Paw in bed and that's a rare thing to be sure as he's a Mommas boy to the core.
Abbie celebrates Autumn with a burst of outdoor time. It's as if she's aware that there will be many many days ahead full of rain and snow and cold and stuff that she generally finds icky. Today when I came in from grocery shopping I discovered her hovering over her latest catch. Yes.....a dragonfly. Oft times we find a "catch" in the house and don't know who brought it in, but this time it was obvious as she was still with it. (I removed it to the back deck in the hopes that as with many of the birds that enter the house it would come out of shock and fly away. Sadly as of this posting, it's still on my deck railing. It was truly beautiful with gold like detailing on it's wings! A wonderful alive piece of art.)
Happily for Abbie the elusive "knitting bug" has been observed in the home again. It's another sign of Autumn that she truly enjoys. It's certainly one that will carry her through Winter. I'm sure we'll have many more photographic moments of her and the "knitting bug".
Well at this point I'm going to close this post. I'm hoping to get two more posts done and a dog groomed before Don gets home and dinner has to be made. :) I about setting the bar high! ;) Just want to let you all know I appreciate you checking in on this silly little blog and reading it when I post. I do think of blogging all the time, but "somethings" just been getting in the way. I'm hoping I've worked out what it is and can get back into a regular habit. Was there really a time when I blogged twice a week?! Man! That seem unreal!

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