Wednesday, January 14, 2009


It's an odd night for me to be posting to the blog but I feel driven to. I felt bad about leaving such a sad, and frankly negative, blog post as the last on was as your last contact from me. I'd hate for any of you to be worried that I was holed up in a closet with a box of wine crying uncontrollably. Not the case at all. There's no room in my closets to fit this big ole bod, and the crying is completely controlled. Well, controlled in the sense that it's not in public and only really when I'm at home and some memory or another just gets to be too much. Anyhoo.... on with it.
On Sunday Don dug out the manual for his camera he got for Christmas (o7 not 08) and finally read it. He spent some time learning some of the advanced settings and was playing around with taking pictures to test stuff out. Here's one of the cats with their new scratcher with a built in ball toy ( and amazingly enough the couch is cleaned off too!) You can tell by the cat tunnel and the other cat toys in the pictures that we don't like our cats at all. Nope. Nothing for them to do here. lol
Right now there is nothing on the wheel but some old over twisted uninteresting white wool that is being untwisted to become some wonderful white ready to be dyed yarn. It's a process.....I'm not in the's taking time. It sits.
But in the knitting world, I give you Nutkin designed by Beth LaPensee. I downloaded it from thinking that one day I'd be able to knit it. Guess what? I can. I was shocked how simple this pattern is as it looks so much more difficult to me. I'm currently working the short row heel (my first, hey! can this heel be that simple? Really? Where the heck have I been?! This may be my new favorite heel for socks. I'll just have to finish it and see!) and thought I'd snap a pic to show progress. Please forgive the cat hair in the blanket under it, but it is Abbie's blanket after all. I only did six repeats of the leg pattern as I liked the length of the sock right there. The roll over cuff at the beginning was great and I can't wait to see if/how it holds up. I'm knitting it in Knit Picks Essential Tuscany Multi. I'll confess to being a bit unhappy with the colors in this yarn when it arrived as I was expecting it to be bolder colors, but then again, maybe I meant to order something else. Who knows. All I know is that this has a bit too much pinkishness for my taste....but I'll be wearing them anyway! So far it's been a quick knit and I'm really pleased with it. When I finish I'll post more pics to be sure.

I hope all is well with you all and in your world. Take care everyone. Yes, all three of you!


Cindy said...

I'm glad you're doing better. Still, it's hard. Love your Nutkins and the yarn is perfect.

Tracie said...

Hey... I resent... there are 4 of us. :0)

Taueret said...

hey April, so sorry to read about the loss of your little dog. Hang in there. Happy '09, may it get better from here.