Monday, February 16, 2009

Ani-Mules and Stuff

Last week the hubster thought I was having/or going to have a rough day and arranged for these to show up at my work. The day itself wasn't going too bad, but these sure made it better anyway! Gotta love getting flowers just because. ;)
Last month I brought home a new scratcher/toy for the cats to offset their loss of Bandit and to try to change Salem's nasty habit of shredding Don's recliner. It went over really well and Salem claimed it as his own. Abbie has to really assert herself, and she does, to get any use of it at all.
Thankfully this company makes "refills" for the scratcher portion of the toy as it took approximately 1 1/2 weeks for Salem to shred it enough to remove the center of it. We're currently on refill #3 and the "excitement" they have for it hasn't worn off. I can't wait to see their reaction to "Thing in a Bag" when I bring it home.
Here's a dark, but great pic of The Princess. You can just barely see her favorite toy next to her paw in the picture. We've taken to referring to the toy as her crack addiction as she's relentless with it.
And here's a pic of the boy. Look! He's too big to fit in the picture now! LOL. This was taken a week or two ago in one of his more cooperative moments. I just love that face!
Cody is still anti camera and since I don't always have one now it's hard to get current shots of him. I'll try to get one of him soon to post up. ;)

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Cindy said...

Love the flowers. The cat scratcher looks well used! And, please give Tucker a big hug from me. Grover sends a big wuff.