Friday, March 10, 2006

A message to the Spindlers Yahoo group

Dated 03/08/06:

I just have to share this. Some of you will appreciate this I know. I usually just lurk and suck up all the knowledge you freely share, but I have to share my experience today with you.

Ok, today was a truely terrible day for me with only two exceptions. First, Vikky received her Spring Fling (and liked it)(*grin*) and second I had to spend the whole day at the hospital. (6:30 am -10:15pm) All for a good cause, but still it was a stressful day. Luckily the spinning fairies were looking out for me, as I took along some roving and spindles without even thinking about it. So, as I'm sitting in a waiting room I pull out the fiber (deep green merino/mohair) and my home-made drop spindle without thinking. I think you should all know that I'm "new" (I'll always feel new!) to spinning and fairly shy about spinning in front of others. However today it was either spin, or figet myself to death with nervousness. I purposfully chose a quiet corner out of the way so that I wouldn't be a bother to anyone. As I'm spinning, I notice a couple sit down next to me, then another couple of people sit down deep in their own conversation. When I stop to wind on the single, I hear "I'm totally fascinated with what she's doing over there....I'm going over there to sit." I look up and am completely suprised to see that I'm the center of attention! Then the thing I dreaded most happened! Someone started asking questions!!!! "I DON"T KNOW!!!", was what I thought, but then I found I DID know some of the answers.(Thanks to you all!) When it came to what "Morino" and "Mohair" meant, the gentleman next to me piped up with the answers so fast I didn't even have to think twice. He raises sheep! All of this happened in under 20 minutes! A wonderful discussion continued without me having to do anything but spin. I would never have displayed myself spinning as I don't consider myself to be experienced enough to demonstrate. I only pulled it out as it has a WONDERFULLY calming effect on me and chain smoking in the hospital is forbidden. (Go figure. :))

When one woman asked me why I was spinning when it "had to be cheaper/easier to buy yarn", I smiled and told her it was relaxing to me and helped me keep from pulling my hair out. She laughed and said maybe more people should do projects like that. I came from this accidental Spin in Public experience with such a WARM feeling that I did it all day.....any chance I could....and have quite the stash of beautiful green singles building up. I will certainly do this again. Infact...unfortunatly....all day tomorrow and probably Friday too.

Thank you all for your inspiration and knowledge. You don't know the countless people you help with your posts. Many of us just read and watch and learn without ever posting. I've learned all I know from this group and the links you post. Thank you again!

Exhausted, emotionally spent, and ready to spin again!

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