Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Spindlers Blog Ring

I joined my first blog ring yesterday. As you can see, I'm busily blogging away. It's either feast of famine here as I get caught up in my crafts and life and don't make time to blog until others (usually friends who want to see what I'm up to) prod me into it. Last night I snaped a bunch of photos of what I've been up to and some projects I completed ages ago but havn't posted on and got them ready to be blogged. Many thanks to my Hubby for setting up the tripod for the camera. I must have been showing my frustration on taking blurry picture after blurry picture. (Note to self: find the camera manual and learn to fix the settings on the dang thing!) So you can all thank him for the nicer photos.

I'm terribly excited about being part of the blog ring. It means maybe more that the three of us will see it. :) hehehe

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