Tuesday, April 18, 2006

New Spindles

Oak Spindles--Phase 1

A few Sundays ago Hubby and I went out for breakfast. It was the first Sunday in awhile that we didn't "have" to do anything. While we were talking and eating I confessed that I had the urge "to create" again. Occasionally this happens, and when it does he's the patient type. He's generally understanding (he'd have to be, read on...you'll understand later) and tries to help me get through these phases with the minimum amount of damage to myself, and....well...his power tools. I am the type that can see the beginning of the project, what will most likely work to make it and the finished product in my minds eye but not all the steps in between. This does lead to frustration and, I must admit, sometimes some not so pretty words spoken by the creator. ;) So there he sat as I calmly explained that I wanted a spindle larger that the ones I had made before....but not as big as the one I ply with....and I'd really really like it made out of something like oak. YES! I know, I know, I can buy one of the several different (beautiful) ones sold online from some of the great people I hear about. Everyone else does......everyone else loves them! Me? Um.....well.....I wasn't going to be happy unless I tried to make it myself. Keep in mind that I had this discussion with him right after the conversation about the drum carder I'd like him to "help" me build. Poor, poor man.

Ok....so instead of the movie he wanted to see, we went to our favorite bookstore (me looking for fiber related material, him looking for political and history books) and then to the closest mega-home do-it-yourself store. I picked up the oak dowls and we were looking for precut wooden decorations. All we could find were way too thin and to be honest, way to expensive for my tastes. We opted for a hole saw and a small piece of oak, then went straight home. I was very lucky and he cut out 6 whorls for me, then set it up for quick and easy sanding. After I was done with that he came back out and assembled the spindles, including drilling the pilot hole for the hook in the ends.

So....instead of one new one.......I now have 6 new ones!

I'll stain and seal the one pictured above. But the rest I have other plans for. I almost don't have the heart to tell him that I want to carve on them now. It may make him regret the Dremmel he bought me. (VBG.) Thats Phase 2. More on that later.

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Don Bangert said...

The movie is still on our "to do" list. I did have fun helping you build the spindles. I think they turned out great.