Tuesday, April 18, 2006

The Latest Soon-To-Be Yarn

This is my current spinning project. The fiber for it was gifted to me by Vikky as part of her "Spring Fling" package she sent me. It's a Grafton Fibers blend with wonderful color streaking in it. So far all of it is spun into singles. Hopefully tonight I can get them all connected and start plying. It's super soft and spun up easily. In fact it went way to fast, I was enjoying it so much. (I think I'll have to buy some from Grafton Fibers in the future!) I was thinking of using it along with the dark green to complete a project, but the colors don't look right next to each other right now. I'll check again after plying....things may look different then! That's how it is sometimes. From the looks of things, I should have it plied and set by tomorrow night. We'll see tho, as the "Life Sucks" fairy visits every so often and messes with my best laid plans. I'm still looking for the elusive pattern for a project with the dark green. I'll know it when I see it I'm sure. :)

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