Monday, May 08, 2006

Other Stuff

I've been busy with life, as usual. Mostly I have been getting things done inside as it's decided to rain, rain, rain again. Last night I carded out the mango and grape dyed merino and started spinning up some of it for samples. I dyed a baggie of Lemon Lime and added some extra food coloring to it to get a deeper hue in part of it. It's not my favorite color green....but kind of nice anyway. There are no new pics of this yet, but I'll take some soon.

I thought I'd post a pic of some jewelry I've made, as it's proof I do finish stuff, eventually. :) The one pictured here is my first attempt at beading on a loom. I rather like it and even had a friend ask for a thinner one to be worn as an anklet. (yes, I know....that was last summer Pam....and I'll get around to it eventually. Been attached to fiber lately. ;) )

Well, off to work I go. Not feeling especially well today, but I'll muddle through the day anyway. It's bound to get better. lol. I think tonights goal will be to bathe Cody. He's going crazy with scratching due to dirt that's worked itself down to his skin. Looks like his mane could be shed out some more. (yeah! more fiber!) I need to post some pics of the darling ones soon. hmmm.

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