Monday, June 05, 2006

Sock Update I need to announce to one and all that last night I didn't have to cook dinner. DH cooked was his own idea! YIPEE!! Now if I can just get him to do the dishes. lol.
Since I didn't have to cook, and was waiting on laundry to wash/dry, I picked up the sock and started knitting on it some more. (Thanks for the encouragement Sydney!) Anyway I got all the way through the heel flap and turning the heel and was going to start picking up stitches to start the gussets when I decided to check out the time. IT WAS MIDNIGHT!!! I had to take the darn thing to the other end of the house and force myself to stop knitting on it. I was on a roll and didn't want to stop.

Here's a pic of the stage it's at right now. Hopefully I can work on this some more tonight, but I do have one more basket of laundry to fold and put away. It's going a lot smoother now and I'm able to see mistakes at the end of a row, instead of 6 rows later. :) I really want to knit a shrug or shawl for myself but the socks have GOT to be done first. It's becoming another obsession of mine. lol

I've got an idea bouncing around my head about making a small felted change type purse out of handspun. Just a basic lined rectangular pouch with a zipper, maybe big enough to hold bank cards and change/cash. It's been echoing around inside my head for about a week now and if I get done with these socks soon, I may find myself making it. I've never felted anything yet, not even on accident(knock on wood), so I think I'll have to experiment first. I do have that sock cuff I had to cut off after the umpteenth time of having to frog it. Maybe I'll experiment with that. Hmm....the wheels are that smoke I smell? lol

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Sydney said...

Ah ha! We've got you hooked on sock knitting now. :)