Wednesday, June 07, 2006

What I did Today

Before I start rambling and blathering, I just want to annouce that I think it is completely sick that while I am working on projects I now start to think about how to blog them. :) I never thought I'd come to this. Nuff said. Onward.

Lately I've been in a "Yard work" funk. I have had no motivation whatsoever; not even a smattering of an urge to work in the yard. I think I should have prefaced this with the announcement, to those who don't know me, that I'm a bit of a yard slave. Usually I'm not bothered by working out there in a sprinkle. Usually by this time of the year, the lawns tamed and trimmed out and new projects are started. Usually the decks have been cleaned off. This year I'm a bit of a late starter. My "yard buddie" (as she calls herself) moved away and I've had a "who cares?" attitude all Spring. I think it's starting to pass though. I've been using the overlap theory as to why I can't get anything done out there. You know it, the "Before I can ____, I have to do_____. And before I can do that, I have to do______." The main hold up has been that my 4...yes 4 composters are full to the brim and cannot hold another weed, grass clipping, ect. Unfortunately last night, my smart a** neighbor was over and said "Well, empty them." Da** him! Now my covers blown! (I'll get him back eventually.) So today I spent time emptying and refilling the composters. I completed the smaller ones and the freeform pile. ( I'm sparing you pics,'re not interested.) I got about 1/3 the way through the large one and had to stop as I couldn't do any more. Where did I put it all? Well here, of course. This a metal stock tank that I could not get rid of to save my life. Since that was the case, I cut the bottom out with a saws-all and leveled it into the ground. This is becoming part of my herb garden in my "dog-free garden" with the inner tank being a water feature. To make the day even better.... hubby did the lawn mowing when he got home! YEAH!

So after my work out in the yard I decided I needed to sit a bit. After a much needed shower, I finished my first sock! Here it is.

And I purposely took pics of it on my foot so you all KNOW that it fits! I've never been so tickled in all my life! Look what I did! lol I've started the second sock and have only had to frog it once so far, so that's progress. It looks like I'll have lots of this yarn left over, so I may make that change purse yet. ;)

On another note, I realized that I do not have any reference to my "children" on this blog yet. So here it is. The first pic is of Bandit.

He's my darling and is 14 this year. He has no teeth, is going blind and runs my world. ( weighs in about 6#) The next pic is of Abbie.

She's DH's darling, weather he likes it or not. She chose him and he's stuck with it. Eventhough I think she's beautiful and would love to be her buddy, she keeps waiting for me to run away from home so she can be the Queen. Right now she's stuck with "Princess". That's only two of our kiddies, but more pics will come soon of the others.

Well, I'm off to feed Bandit and knit some more. Gotta finish that other sock as I'm getting menapasal hot, one cold. (only one sock on at the Hope everyone had a great day!


sydney said...

That's a really nice looking sock there! I like your herb garden idea too.

Anonymous said...

um by the way that is my sock J/K.... but OH MY GOD it felt way good on the foot...I love how the garden is turning out, or should I say Salems little lot? I cant wait to see the pictures of the purple fiber since that is my favorite :)