Sunday, June 18, 2006

It's Been HOW Long????

Wow. I didn't realize how much time has passed since my last blog posting. Time has just flown by! There probably won't be any "fiber" photos today since the last two skeins (for the day) are in the dye pot right now and the others are either soaking or hanging to dry. (That really doesn't make for a pretty Either way I do have pics of another of my children!

This is Salem...middle name Lot. (All of them have wierd names....but thats a whole 'nother blog subject.) lol Anyway he's my ruff and tuff hunter and the most cuddley of the lot. He's definately MY cat and follows me around the yard...which explains why I couldn't get a pic of him in the yard facing me...without my feet in the pic. lol So you're stuck with this...but at least it shows he has legs.


I managed to get the fairy fountain moved to the water feature in the back "Herb garden". It was a snap, but really I was anticiapting problems. Sometimes the easiest things fight you and turn into a long drawn out process. Evidently "She" wanted to be moved back there cause she didn't fight it at all. The funniest part was Salem. He's determined that the back "dog free" garden is his. It's not that he doesn't like our dogs...he does...and plays with them regularly. He does love that back area tho and is out there quite a bit checking things out and keeping the rodent population down. (yes he brings them in, no they're not always dead...that's another blog'll have to wait.) Anyhoo...after I put the hose into the stock tank to fill it with water he was all over it checking out the water, playing with the bubbles. I fully expected he'd fall in...but he didn't. Luckily the tank is shallow enough that if he does decide to take a dip, he can get out on his own. As he's not afraid of water, even loves to take showers, I expect he'll get in it at least once. Not today however.

Friday night I came home with a bunch of FREE plants for hanging baskets. Mostly petunias, but some other cool stuff too. Yes I did say FREE. And I'll say it again. FREE! (I do love my job for the freebies!) Evidently one of my customers is moving....and it seems he and his wife own a nursery. She sent him to town with a truckload of nursery flowers and said "Give them away". Well, he didn't leave our parking lot with anything. I grabbed up a bunch, and even our other customers were getting in on the action. lol He was happy and we were happy! With everything I had to do after work on Friday, and then Scrap Day***on Saturday, I didn't get them planted until today. I ended up with 5 hanging baskets and the plants are already perking up. When they fill out a little more, I'll take pics of them and post here. (***for Scrap Day, read on. lol)


Saturday was SCRAP DAY! And, it was my turn to host. Although why you'd call me a host I don't know. Maria and Tracie drove out here to the sticks again to spend the day in mad scrapbooking heaven. They provided most of the food but I did contribute the nummy cream puffs and eclairs. I forced them to look at the loaner spinning wheel, and the newly created yarn, and the carders, and the fiber, fiber, I also promised not to go spin instead of scrapping. lol

Maria brought her new Cricut and I'm so in love. If I didn't need the drum carder and my own wheel so bad I'd have went and bought one of these today! Luckily Maria left it with me for a few days (or so she so I could play with it and learn how to use it. ( I think her evil plan was to get me hooked on the da*n thing so I'd learn how to use it and show her all the tricks. If that's it Maria....I'm on to you! lol) This thing is just the coolest and the first die cutter I've seriously thought about buying. The options and possibilities are endless, and I'm sure they will come out with even more cool stuff for it. I can't wait!!! That said, I now need to budget my time more wisely so that I can include card making and scrapbooking in my "fiber time". (Hmmm....maybe if I quit cooking altogether.) Don and I are celebrating our 15th wedding anniversary (who says brainwashing doesn't work?!!) this year and I want to get our wedding album done this year. Maria is a CTMH dealer, so I've ordered all the paper I think I need to complete the album. (Calm down Don...deep's not a lot. lol small album really.) I want the papers to co-ordinate and color match right so it looks good and not pieced together. I still have a bunch of momentos and plan on making most of my own embellishments. Should be fun! Anyhoo....we had bunches of fun yesterday and it was soooo good to see my friends again! (love you both!)


I've turned the heel on the second sock and am currently working the gussets. Hopefully I'll get some quality sock-me-tv time tonight and make some progress. Especially since some of this newly dyed yarn is begging to be knit into a change I'll post some pics of the new yarn asap. It needs to dry and be reskeined first.

Well that's it for this post. I hope everyone is doing great and making progress in their lives with whatever thier "projects" are.

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