Sunday, June 18, 2006


One of the reasons I had not posted in ages was because I spent some blogging time setting up the Feedreader program. (I....... Am....... Slow.......With...... New.....Computer.... Programs.....)I am interested in joining other blogrings, but find that I have barely enough time to read the blogs in the rings I'm part of . To see if any new posts had been made to blogs in the rings, I had to open up each and every one....and being on a dial up system this can take up an enormous amount of time. Luckily I have a computer geek and web surfer in the other room (He's can't have him.....looky touch!) He's pretty prolific online himself, and has to stay up to date on what blog posted what, and what article said what, ect. Anyway he uses the Feedreader program. I approached him about the program and he said it would help me too.

Basically if you "syndicate" or "publish" your blog, there will be a rss or atom link to it so people can "subscribe" to it. (Please don't ask me the details.....I'm an ignoramus in this department.) The Feedreader program allows me to see who has posted new posts (as long as they are added to my "feed") and then I don't waste time looking at outdated posts and can read so much more! I love it!!!! Between the two blogrings I'm part of...there were only a handful that do not "publish" thier blogs and therefore I cannot use the feedreader for them. You can usually "publish" by changing a setting on your blog software. I'm posting the link for others, in case someone else feels bogged down and want's to check it out. It's totally free and soo easy to set up I basically did it myself!

The website can provide the information for your questions better than I.

I hope this helps someone other than me!

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Hope said...

Thanks, that IS useful. Thanks also for the nice comment you left on my blog, it has taken me about 3 days to figure out that I could respond!