Tuesday, June 27, 2006

THE SOCKS ARE FINISHED!!!.....and other stuff.

Yessireee! There they are! I finished these up on Saturday night and was very pleased that they both fit!!!! They are super soft and way way to warm to be wearing in our 80-90 degree heat of the present! So...I'll safely stowe these away for fall and winter and get started on another project. I have some self patterning yarn that I bought and wanted to try out on socks, so I think that will be the next sock project. ( Ok ok ok, I know I said in a previous post that I may never make another sock...but really, once the first one was completed it became a very addicting pass-time. So there!

This is the pic of the sample skeins that I dyed up a couple of weeks ago. I used the Wiltons iceing dyes and followed these instuctions. The picture does'nt do the colors true justice as it makes them look brighter than they are. I'm going to use the teal green and the burgandy (looks red) for a small project. And the purple and teal green were the colors of choice for a friend of mine. She's asked me to make her a pair of slippers out of my home spun and I readily agreed. (WHAT is WRONG with me??) These will be special to her as they will include fiber from her American Eskimo dogs that she generously donates to me. The stuff is like heaven to spin as her dogs are VERY clean when they are groomed lol. Since that fiber is too hot to be used as the only fiber in the project I'll blend it with some other stuff too. It should be a fun project and one that is a huge lesson giver to me. lol

Guild went well on Tuesday. Our speaker was a member of our group that has retired from judging at the community/county/state fairs. She explained the simple stuff involved in exhibiting hand spun yarn and objects and then went into greater detail over what the judges look for. This was an eyeopener for me and really I felt out of my league. I'm glad I'm not exhibiting this year! My goal is to be ready to exhibit something next year, so I have my work cut out for me!

On the yard front....or rather....front yard.....Don and I started a project Sunday that I fully expected to take a week or two. We rounded the end of the lawn up by the house and installed edging and bark. (We being him cutting the sod, me helping to move it and installing the edging.) As Sunday was hot hot hot we had to stop for the afternoon and wait for it to cool off before continuing. We did manage to get the bark down and the wine barrels placed for the trees to go in. I don't have any pics right now, but will take some as soon as it's complete. Right now it looks like a military bunker with the stacks of sod everywhere. lol.

ok I'm going to post this really quick as this is the second time I'm writing it. The first one got lost somehow last night. Operator error I'm sure. Anyway I don't want to take any chances on this one disappearing too.


Sydney said...

Those are some nice looking socks. The hardest part about knitting socks is that first sock. Once you finish the first one, it's all downhill from there. It's good to see you've become addicted to sock knitting. :)

Maria said...

The socks look great! Can I have them since they feel so good? LOL! I know I know I have to be patient and wait, but so you know I will really really really like to feel a pair on my feet in the winter with a cup of hot cocoa. For those who haven't seen them in person, I was truely amazed at how wonderful they felt on the feet and how there was such a perfect fit. For the skeins, they are so pretty when you can really see the true colors in person :)

Cindy said...

Your socks are lovely. Great job. You spin and dye. Geez, I am impressed. Thank you so much for your kind comments on yesterday's post. I honestly had no idea people enjoyed my blog. I'm stunned and touched deeply. You have a new reader. I had not found your blog when I cruised the webrings. It's wonderful and I don't think yardwork ever ends, does it?

April said...

Thanks you guys! I appreciate all the support. It's all a lot of work that doesn't seem like work and then there's the yard....well that never goes away. (Thank goodness really!)