Sunday, July 02, 2006

Updated Progress Bars

The WIP bars at the right (our right...not the have been updated. I removed the Simple Socks, or as Maria and Mom keep calling them.. "MINE". (Both are sadly mistaken....they are MINE!) I'm going to have a Finished Objects (FO's) section on my side bar too. I've just not found one I really like yet.

I've added the new projects that I'm working on a bit at a time. The Self Patterning Socks have yet to be cast on...but they will be tonight. ;) It's acrylic yarn that I bought out of curiosity while at the craft store. I just want to see how the patterns come out. lol.

The Felted coin purse is something I'm creating out of my own home dyed homespun. That was cast on on Wednesday while I was waiting for Mom to come out of PT at the hospital as we were going to spend the afternoon together. Evidently I didn't rinse it as well as I thought as my fingers are turning a pretty pinkish red while I knit. I may frog it and rewash the yarn. (It's a sample skein so it's small.) But then's getting felted.....I may knit with pink fingers for awhile. Lazy? Right now, yes. ;)

Missy's Slippers have not been started yet but will be soon. That project is the one I mentioned in earlier posts that involves dying and blending the American Eskimo fur with another fiber. Then the spinning and then the knitting. (It's good she's patient...this will take awhile.) I'm looking forward to spinning the American Eskimo again. It was such a dream to spin on the drop spindle...I can't wait to see it spin on the wheel. I think I've found the wool I'm going to blend it with today, but more on that in the next post. (I'm breaking it up cause there's too much to say and too many pictures.

Now for the pics for this post. This is Cody. He's my 9 year old Pomeranian and technically the baby of the family. (My goodness they've all gotten old on me!) Last weekend I spent the down time of the day grooming him up and clipped him down to his wool. I don't shave him completely as he would hate it and I'd have to worry about him getting a sunburn. After I was done I hardly recognized him though....He's a cutie! (but whew! the breath......we won't go there!)

Maria! Before you say anything like "why aren't MY socks on the WIP progress bar?"......I'll add them AFTER Mom's are started and when we are closer to knitting them. So there!

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