Sunday, July 02, 2006

Washing Day!

Don brought home enough radiator/heater hose that I could get the "wool washing act" together. It is so nice to be able to use the washing machine for this task and not have to worry about the septic tank either. Today I've been washing all day. Well, I guess the appropriate wording would be that the wools been soaking off and on all day.

The first two bags I grabbed out of the shed were smaller bags and I still don't know what kind of sheep they came off of. The friend that wrangled me these for free is going to find out for me. First thing this morning, I dumped one out on the back deck to see what I was dealing with and OH WOW!, I couldn't believe it. The fiber is long, white, fine and very,very soft. The first fleece didn't have much vm in it and picking it apart was fairly easy. I divided it up in two hoping that smaller loads in the washer would help it clean better. It seemed to. The spinning in the washer certainly removes most the water and the first batch is almost dry. (love the heat we're having.) The second half is on it's last soak right now. I've already skirted the second fleece and divided it into two as well. I may have time tonight to get another load done, but I'm not sure. If not I'll start working on it again tomorrow night after work. This one is also a long fine fiber, but the crimp on it is different than the last one. It's also pretty clean, but more of a cream color.

I'm going to try to get all of the fleece in the shed washed and dryed before the summers out. Drying in bags outside is so much easier and faster than on racks in this little house. I think the first fiber of the day will go well in Melissa's Slippers, but I'll see after I show it to someone at the guild meeting to get thier opinion.

The most recent good news is that the drum carder I won on E-bay should be here sometime this coming week. Then the fiber prep should really get rockin! I'm so excited I can't believe it! I'm going to be getting my own wheel soon. I don't quite know why I havn't ordered it yet as I have the money in the savings account. I guess I'm just waiting to drag out the excitement for myself. lol. I plan on buying a new one unfinished and finishing it myself. I'd like to finish it in the "oak" stain that my spindles are done in.

The other night I asked the Spindlers group what they thought was thier favorite or most indispensible tool for spinning. I recieved so many ideas that I was dumbfounded. Most were items I'd seen before and thought "someday, I'll be able to get this" and 99% were extremely useful tools. I felt like an idiot when I realized what the Swift was for and that if I get the ball winder I want I had better get a swift as I don't think Don's going to sit there turning the Niddy Noddy everytime I want to wind a ball of yarn. lol I have to admit that I look at the PVC stuff and think.....I can make that. I just need to figure out the lengths! It bumms me out that all the links I've followed looking for patterns/instructions on how to make these end up in dead ends. (If you know of any viable postings on this, let me know. I suck at math!) I guess I'll have to do the math myself. lol Dang! I want to make the skein winder and the yarn blocker out of the PVC. As these are tools that I won't need out all the time I would like to be able to disassemble and put away when not in use. So I don't think I'll buy these two tools...just the PVC to make them. That will save me some good money.

One last fiber related post before I end this.......I ran across this sweater pattern on Mog's Blog, and fell in love! The great thing is that Mom liked it too and I think we're going to knit it together! lol Too funny if you ask me! I havn't ordered the pattern yet but plan on it soon. I know what you're thinking....."But you just learned to make socks!" and I justified to Mom.....the cableing doesn't look too difficult...and most of the sweater is a stitch I know already. She readily agreed. Did I tell you yet that she thinks I can do anything? Amazing! (Please don't ruin this for me! Don't remind me that the whole sweater thing is much more difficult than a pair of ankle socks. It's my jumping in with both feet that keeps me crafting sometimes. lol) I have not decided what fiber to knit it in yet. I think I'll take heed of others advice. Any suggestions? (I'd prefer it in a dark green by the way lol.)

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I'll be watching the progress of Eris keenly.