Sunday, July 02, 2006

Yard Pics!

NO! Not a yard of of the yard! lol

Here are some pictures of the project we started last Sunday. Thanks to Don this came out looking very very nice. I have to say that. I'm obligated. I'm the type of ecletic worker that dives in, digs the hole and on you go. He's the type to measure out...plan ahead...traingulate the curve...ect. Well, as you guessed...the precision and perfection are due to him. The stack of sod still sitting there waiting to be moved is due to me. Some of it's been moved but obviously not all. (It's supposed to be gone by now, but I'm not feeling up to moving it yet. lol Wool to wash...if you know what I mean. ;) ) It's a good thing we work together on some of these projects or heaven knows what would come out of it! (It's another reason he does the building around Anyhoo...the new neighbors (when do they quit being "the new neighbors" and become just "Jim and Jen"? Anyone know?) thought it came out very nice indeed and were very complimentary on it. I did confess that this idea was concieved 2 or 3 years ago when we put in the pathway that is in the pics. lol. The idea behind it was to make the mowing in that area easier and to make it more attractive looking, and really I think it has. (once I move the sod anyway.)

Included in these pictures is Mowgli. He's our second oldest child...but definately the biggest. A Lab/Husky/Rott mix that I adore completely. He's in his 13th year and is declining...but at a slow rate. (I'm not dealing with that well and am in almost complete denial.) He's still got all his teeth and, not including the cats, has the best teeth around. Yet I can't seem to get him to gain weight no matter what I do. ( worms; tape or other variety.) If I feed him extra stuff, he won't eat his food and after nearly a year of working to get him to eat his food I'm afraid to push him. Sometimes he still resembles the puppy I remember and other times I ache for him in his advanced age. (The thin-ness and the sunken skull really bother me.) The other night I brought him in to sleep on the couch as the fireworks were driving him mad *(* a rant to be posted later to be sure). The doorway to the rec room (more aptly wreck room) gets blocked with a baby gate to keep the little dogs from torturing him all night when he sleeps inside. Well, when Don got up in the morning....Mo was on the house side of the gate. So evidently he feels good enough to jump some still. Heck at 91 I just hope I'll be walking, let alone jumping gates. lol Last night I left the TV on for him and I think he stayed in the appropriate room. Maybe he likes infomercials?

For the most part this project is done. I do need to cut out the rest of the sod for Phase 2 and put in the edging and gravel for that....but that's a ways away. I've got other plans for the immediate future. One such plan is to try and get my garden area in order. While Don was laying out the above project last Sunday, I borrowed a neighbors rotary cutter (if a mower and a trimmer mated they'd have produced this and it's an awesome gadget!) and knocked down the nearly waist high weeds in the "garden area". They have since dryed out and jokes have been made about baleing them like hay...but that's another story. Anyhoo... there are cinderblock beds to be made and a pile of soil to be sifted. I hate sifting soil. I'll admit it. I'd rather weed. (Hell, I'd rather clean the toilet.) A good friend is loaning me a sifter that she uses for compost so I can get it done quicker and more efficiently. (Thanks Shelley and Dave!) It should be here Wednesday if all goes well, and I can use it as long as I like. ;) Between the soil in that pile and the composter, I should be able to get my raised beds put together soon. All that needed is prep of the removing the dead weeds laying everywhere. lol. One thing at a time...and really....the wool is calling to be washed. ;)

I'm suppose to be dyeing mohair for an online exchange today, but I just don't feel into it tonight. (gasp, call the dr.!) I'll get it done on the 4th or 5th when I'm tied to the inside of my house because of inconsiderate fireworks users. (*rant to follow.) Besides that, I'm really waiting for the new drum carder so I can send some very nicely carded fiber to my buddy....instead of my hand carded blended stuff. ;) Any excuse will do tonight lol.

Ok load number 3 of wool needs to be moved again, so I'm done blogging for the night. Man did that feel like a binge or what?! Three posts with pictures in one day! WOW! heheheh

Ok the tacky plastic planters with the daffodiles in them in the above pics are going to be replaced....really!


Sydney said...

I really love what you've done with your yard. It sounds like you and Don work good together as a team.

I still have one more fleece that I want to wash this summer. I'm so slow with washing them.

April said...

Thanks Sydney. We do work pretty good together. Must be all the practice. lol. I think the worst part of washing the fleece is the skirting of the fleece. I'm not complaining though...I was lucky enough to get these free. ;) Now I'm on a marathon of washing. hehehe

Abigale said...

Hey April,

I followed you over here from the comment you left on my blog... Don't worry, I don't have any stalker tendencies ;-)

Love what you're doing with the yard! It's going to be so nice when you're done!

I've also got some fleeces to wash - and pics of a shetland fleece that I've washed, but still need to process. Next up is an East Friesian X yearling which I think should come out really nicely!

Anyway - thanks for stopping by, and have fun with the yard work!