Tuesday, July 04, 2006

$11 and a Handy Guy!!!

Look what $11 and a handy husband got me today!!!

I told my hubby that I wanted to make my own floor sitting skein winder out of PVC (like the ones the Babe company sells) but that I needed help with the mathematics of it. Well he promptly sat down and figured out how to make it. The local hardware store was open today (suprise!) and we picked up the stuff on the way home from breakfast. While I washed my car and cleaned it's carpeting, he made this for me. I was really suprised to see it completed as I figured he'd give me a spec sheet and the parts list and I'd cut and assemble....but YIPEE! It's done and ready to use. Now I just gotta get that ball winder and get my little fingers spinning on the wheel. He said he'd make the yarn blocker for me too! (OH YEAH!)

(For those not in the know....lol.....this is used to take the skeins of yarn off of the bobbin on the spinning wheel. From here I can wash, dye, or if the yarns complete...use a ball winder to make balls of yarn.)

On the fiber front....the drum carder is sitting at the post office right now. I have a package slip showing it's here but I have to wait for them to open tomorrow to get it. Don said that eventhough I have a claim slip, breaking into the post office is still a federal offence. Dang! Patience is NOT one of my virtues!

I finished washing the second fleece out of the shed today and would still be washing except I'm out of the soap I use for that. I've been to THREE different stores and NONE of them carry it. It sucks cause I didn't go to my usual store in an effort to save some gas...but now I'll probably end up spending three times as much gas just to get a bottle of dang soap! Oh well. The clothes lines are full of bags of drying wool right now anyway. I should let them all dry and then wash more. I think after dinner I'll dye up the fiber for the Summer Breezes exchange I'm particapating in with the Spindlers group. I was going to do it last weekend but just couldn't get motivated and I didn't want to do a second rate job. I'd like to get it dyed tonight so I can use the drum carder on it when it arrives...(tomorrow...tomorrow...tomorrow. YEAH!) It's only 8 oz of fiber so that should dye and dry fast. I will (0f course) take pics and post here. I got a few other goodies to put in the package for this partner. I hope she likes it. ;)

Well I'm off to make dinner!


Sydney said...

Well that's a clever idea!

April said...

Thanks Sydney. He's going to make me a yarn blocker if I need it too!