Wednesday, July 12, 2006


Ok, I know I've had the drum carder a full week now and NOT posted on Blogger that I recieved it. No pics, nothing! We'll it's been a busy week and today was the first time I had the camera out inside the house. So here it is!
This one is a Fricke model from back when the company was still Fricke. :) The ironic thing to me is that it has his makers sticker on it showing it was made right here in the same city I live. I got it off E-Bay from the east Coast. lol Well Mr Fricke is a member of my spinning guild and is the "go to" guy for help on fiber prep. (He also used to be a customer of mine when I worked in town a few years ago.) It'll be fun to touch base with him again and show him the carder.
I couldn't wait to use it and have carded up a few batts of the white wool I've been hand carding. It's definately a process that takes a bit of time to get used to and I'm still learning. lol I spent a good 4-5 hours on Sunday carding Mohair for a Spindlers swap that I needed to get done. The Mohair was difficult to card. It was dirtier than I thought to begin with so I hand carded most of it the first time, then ran it through the carder several times to get the colors blended. I'll be sitting down with this again soon and having some quality carding time.VBG. I want to spin up some of the batts first to see if I've got the carding good enough first.

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sydney said...

Oh, I'm jealous - a Fricke carder and Mr. Fricke! :)