Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Warning! Sarcasm Included for Free

So sorry about the blog issues. As soon as hubby gets home, I'll bribe him with food to help me figure out why my sidebar is encroaching on my main page. It's been a long afternoon trying to get it fixed....but I'm really not that good at wait for the "MASTER". ;)

In the mean's an update.

I just wanted those of you with "human" children to see that those of us with "non-human" children can be embarrased by them just as well. This is the darling Bandit sleeping on the much loved fuzzy. He loves it, Abbie loves it, Cody loves it, and if Salem can get in the room he loves it too. Why is this bad? I would never never never have a piece of purple long shag fake fleece in my house as a decoration! Unfortunately Grandma gave it to the darlings and they must have it.....I can't get rid of it. Sucks to be me some days. (Isn't he cute though?)

Ok. In the "Doesn't suck to be me Department" you'll find the above. My skein winder that Don made for me on the 4th of July. I had to take a pic of it in use cause I'm pretty sure by the way he dove (sarcasm) into the yarn blocker....that he's unsure I'll actually use some of this stuff. lmao. So....said winder was used to wind off into skein form....then after the skeins were washed I put them back on the winder for blocking while drying. hmmm....think I need a blocker so I can do more yarn at

Here is a pic of the finished skeins. The green is a Grafton Fibers colorway and is suppose to go with a darker green I was spinning in March/April. It was part of a Spindler's Fiber Exchange and I'm terribly excited to have it finished. Originally I had this and the dark green I finished back then ear marked for a shawl for me....but I don't know. It's 92 yards total and I don't know how much I'd need for any given I'll look at some patterns and see what I can do. The blue is 84 yards of Rambo-Columbian-Targhee wool dyed with a bottle of food coloring. (LOL-desparate times.....desparate measures.) Have no plans for this one yet at all.

Me thinks thats pretty much all for now. I dyed fiber today that was suppose to be for Missy's slippers, but the purples would NOT come out solid. The teal turned out more of a turquoise blue...but solid....and the purple split completely. BOTH. TIMES. I give up. I'll do it later when I figure out what the problem is. The fiber itself was clean, but still carries a lanolin coating that I can't believe. The only difference between the "teal" batch and the "purple" batch was that the "teal" fiber was carded and the purple was not. I don't see why that would make a difference with color splitting in the dyeing process....but I'm It's gotta be something I did.

PS. The purple is not a total came out a fab, pink, blue and purple mottled mix. Will be pretty carded and spun up. ;) Even a "bad" day at dyeing is a good one!


Sydney said...

LOL! Sometimes I feel like my house is decorated in ferret toys. Those skeins turned out really nice!

Cindy said...

Bandit is ADORABLE. I think your skeins are lovely and the skeinwinder rocks. BTW, I couldn't tell anything wrong with the blog set-up.

April said...

Sydney...Thanks. Mine is decorated with cat/dog toys and the occasional kill.....(the kill is disposed of as soon as found!)as I have Thanks for the kudos on the skeins. I was quite pleased with how they turned out....they blocked beautifully!

Cindy...Bandit is adorable. But then I'm Hubby spent approx two hours last night fixing the blog. Evidently I had a "syntax" error. It's grand having a computer guru so close to home. ;)