Thursday, July 20, 2006

The Best Blog!

I don't know who's blog I found reference to this one on, but if I find out, I'm sending a pressy her way! SOMEONE....don't remember who....advised checking out this blog that was about farming, cooking, ect......OMG! I've never had a FAVORITE blog before. I've got a huge list of blogs I read regularly and some are way up on my list, but I'm not normally a "favorite blog" kind of person. That said....if you like animals, gardening, the farm life, EXELLENT food, have to check out ! No only am I hooked, but my co-worker and I got sucked into looking at her various websites/links and posts today for most of the afternoon! lol (It started with a "Have you ever made Pita bread?" discussion and went from there.) The pictures are great, the stories are wonderful and you feel like you've been on her farm personally by the time you are done! (I'm still not "done" but you know what I mean!) This is definately a person you wish you knew personally! The scarey thing is that the only fiber involved is the ones in the field or growing in the garden. :)

On the fiber front...I've two small fleece waiting on the back deck to be sorted for washing and hot weather this weekend. To be honest, I've no inclination to pick sheep crud out of fleece tonight, so it will have to wait till tomorrow I think. That's fine really cause the "not so solid" purple dye job from yesterday is still hanging out there with some brown that I rewashed yesterday as it was still to coated in lanolin to card. Both should be done drying tomorrow.

Many kudos to hubby (yes I'll cook dinner tonight. ho hum.) for spending the hours spent last night fixing what turned out to be a "syntax" error on my template. It was causing the side bar to smash up against my main blog screen and looked funky. He said it had something to do with the animation of Salem that I "adopted" yesterday. (I'd swear it was doing it before...but he knows best!) Evidently the animation was too big so he had to scrunch it down as the website that provides these doesn't offer that option. If anyone else runs into the problem he said to ask and he'll share the solution. Kind Master, No? lol

For anyone who cares, today is day 9 without cigerettes and on the patch. Had a rough day yesterday morning when the patch came off while I was working in the yard and landed sticky side in the dirt. I went without the patch for the day as I didn't want to use todays and mess up my budget. ;) It wasn't a "fun" day in the respects of contantly telling myself "no". But I got alot done and made it through the day. Albiet a bit cranky, but I was home alone for most the day so no one got hurt. VBG.

No pics for today. I finished one of the self striping socks last night and will cast on a new one tonight. It's too hot to even take a pic today. The sock came out good, my only complaint is a line on the back of the sock (that looks like a run) from not keeping my dpns tight enough together. (I think) I'm hoping that it's correctable with wear and washing. Not holding my breath...but not frogging it either. lol. I'll watch closer on the next one.

Well that's all for now. I'll take a pic of the sock and post it soon.


Leigh said...

Hi April. I found your blog on the Spinning Wheel webring list and wanted to come have a look-see and say hi. I'm impressed that your DH was able to resize your virtual pet! I have one on my cat's blog which takes up more than it's fair share of room.

Your yarns are lovely!

April said...

Leigh...thanks for stopping by. DH said if you want help resizing your animation on your blog to let us know. Thanks for the kudos!