Friday, July 21, 2006

New Family Members

We have 4 new additions to our family as of today! These are the Diamond Doves that a co-worker gave me. No names as of yet. I've been wanting doves for ages as I love thier cooing. These darlings didn't coo once all day at work....and I figured they'd never coo again. Yet within 10 minutes of being at our house they started in. It's off and on, not continual and I. Love. It.! I'll be building an outdoor avairy on the back deck for them as they can spend quite a bit of time outside, but that will be after I re-train our kitties that the cage is a claws off affair. Abbie did really well on her first foray into their area. She seems to remember that birdies are off limits and is staying a good bit of distance away from them. I don't for one minute take that as training completed though. ;)

Bandit says it's too dang hot today! Nuf said!

This is the lace weight spindle and some of the roving I received in the exchange the other day. (Yes that's a dime in the center of the pic.) I started spinning on it last night and can NOT believe how fine the spinning is. I've never spun such a thin thread like single before! I'm pretty excited about this. lol It was a tough decision to use the drop spindle as the new wheel was calling....but the new spindle won out and I'm really glad too! I do believe it may take forever to spin up all that roving...but I certainly should have enough for the shawl project at the end of the spinning. :) have these kind of problems everyday! Take a look at this (very poor) pic of the single laid over a dime. I still can't believe I spun that myself!

Ok I'm off to cook dinner---uggg in this heat!----and find some cool water to put my hands in. Even my knuckles are sweating right now. Too gross!


Cindy said...

I hope your heatwave breaks soon. Ours finally has. 65 this a.m. at 6:00. Still over 400,000 people without power here in St. Louis. Can you ever get pix of Bandit when he isn't sleeping? Does he move too fast? Love the doves. We have mourning doves and they aren't particularly bright as birds go. I am so impressed with your fine spinning. I am so clumsy with a spindle. It will make a beautiful shawl.

April said...

Hi Cindy..Bandit lays around quite a bit. But at the age of 14, it's I've learned to spin last year on a drop spindle but use the "park and draft" method. It's partly a control issue and partly and inability to mind the drafting of fiber and the spinning spindle at the same time. lol I'm so shocked by how fine that is coming out myself!Keep gets easier. It looks to be another scorcher today. Currently 68 degrees and suppose to be around 90 this afternoon. UUGG! At least I have power for FANS! I can't believe the power outages where you are.That is insane! Hang in there. I hope it cools down for you soon.