Monday, July 24, 2006

Yesterdays Post

Last night I spent approximately an hour writing a (probably too) wordy post with cute pics of the animals trying to escape the heat and blah, blah, blah. Well.....somehow I deleted it before publishing so it's nowhere to be found! Aarrggh. Between being so hot and sweaty that my nicotine patch doesn't want to stay on and the computer consipiring against me....I tell ya, I'm being pushed to my limits at times. lol

So here's the pic of Abbie trying to stay cool. She spent most of the day in this hallway in various positions trying to catch the breeze from the fan.

Here is Salem lounging in the shade. How that tarp could possibly be cool after being in the hot sun all day I just don't know! But he seemed to be catching a breeze there and was quite comfortable.

Here's another of him seemingly asking me to turn the heat Ooo....angry kitty!

Due to a day trade for a co-worker, I ended up with Sunday and Monday off. (yippee!) I had planned major work for the "garden" area, but with the heat wave and the burning ban....not so much work was done. I did get some weeding done in other (shady) areas and between the two days washed 3 fleece. I was going to start a fourth but am out of the little mesh bags I use for drying, so I have to wait for some to dry. heheh. I'm going to have to plan a trip to Wally World to get Food Saver bags soon as I'm almost out and will need to start weighing and packaging some of this up. Last weekend I was able to package about 6 #, freeing up a chunk of storage space. Today was much cooler than the last few days. I think that was due to the wind finally coming back today. It was so nice to feel a breeze again. Don't get me wrong...I'm still sweating while I type this.

I'm working on spinning up the Corriedale I was gifted with last week and cannot wait to ply it up! I can't pick a pattern/project until I know how much yardage I end up with. The stuff is just begging to be a shawl though. Maybe I'll end up with a flame colored shall before the green one. Who can tell, who can tell?

Well I'm off to search out knitted slipper patterns for Missy's project. Mom's looking for her pattern as I'd really like to do that one, but I'll look around at others too.

No dyeing done this week. After last weeks snafu, I've decided to hold off a bit and see if I can figure out why the dye split so much last week.


Wildflower said...

Hello April. I just wanted to thank you for your comment on my blog. It was back in April that you posted. I didn't get a message that there was a comment so I didn't know about it until I decided to scroll down and look. It was very nice of you to say what you did and I thank you. Also, I love your kitty's! Soooo cute!

Abigale said...

Hi April,

When I dye - I just kinda figure that colors are goooood! I wish I'd get more splitting - still have yet to find any Wiltons. It usually all comes out ok in the end - especially if you're dyeing pre-yarn.

Cute kitties - and you chose a very beautiful name ;)

Silk spinning is really not hard - it just wants to be spun - try it, you'll like it (evil mwahhahhhaaaa laugh!)

Have fun!