Sunday, August 27, 2006

Dyeing Project Pictures

I decided to break todays post up into separate posts as there are several pictures I want to post and I want to make sure they all upload ok. It would really upset me to get to the end and have the upload time out or something and then lose the whole post. lol

This first picture is of the Purple 2.0 that I was dying up for Melissa's slippers. The picture is showing the pink hues more than the purple or the blues. It also looks brighter than it is in reality. So.....Basically this is what it doesn't really look like! How intelligent. lmao. I've really got to figure out how to make the colors show correctly soon. Ok, so I'm not quite done pulling this out into pencil roving and rolling it into balls yet, but I had to take the pics so I could post and it's getting late in the evening. This is blended approximately 80% wool and 20% American Eskimo and I discovered that having the drum carder re-clothed and the extra brush put on it will be EXTREMELY beneficial if I am going to card any more fine fluffy fibers on it. VBG. Lets just say that it was very interesting. It worked out....all's well...but we won't be repeating that on the drum carder!

Here is the Berry Blue Kool-Aid all ready to be fluffed and carded. It's not my favorite color blue, but I think I'm going to ply it with another color and see what I get. Sometimes experimenting with this stuff leads to some very nice results. Besides, if I don't like it done, I can either gift it to someone who likes it or overdye it and change the color. Easy Peasy!

Obviously I don't have to tell you what color this is. For some reason the lighter colors show nicely and nearly's just the darker ones that do not photograph well. I'm not a big "yellow" person either...but this will blend up nicely and again...if I don't like it when done....see the above. lol I think it came out nicely considering the dyebath resembled a pot of urine! was really hard to put clean white wool into that pot! lmao

Ok here's a weird one. This is Moss Green. Yes, this one split also. Originally I didn't like the's growing on me. Yes, much like moss. ;) It's hard to explain. Usually when you get a color called "Moss Green" it's this solid blended muted color. Well if you've ever picked up a handful of moss, real moss (especially up here in the PNW) you will see that there are a wide variety of colors in the moss. Some brown, some yellow some greens....and there are several greens there. Well when this one split, it split into true moss colors and I'm quite impressed by that. (I don't know why....I'm weird that way!) It's such an earthy blend that I've become quite taken with it and am seriously thinking of blending in some browns too. I'll hold off on that project for awhile but really this one is intriguing me.

Ok so there are my colors to play with for awhile. I will be dying some wool in a Grape Kool aid mix as a special request for some one soon. As usual I will post that too. Well on to the Garden Post


Sydney said...

I have trouble photographing purple too. I'm not sure what the problem is.

I kind of like the green and the way it split.

April said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one having problems with that. The green is really "calling to me" and asking for some plying with brown......hmmm. Not normal for me, so I'll have to think on it some more. ;) It may have to move up in the priority world though. lol

Anonymous said...

HEEE HEEE HEEE The grape is for MEEEEEEEEEEEE :):):):)


P.S Mom can't have it LOL!