Sunday, August 27, 2006


I realized the other day that I did not post any pictures of my tomatoes yet. As they are one of the TWO veggies planted this year .....I've got to post some pics! This is an Early Girl variety and has tomatoes all over it.

Cherry Tomatoes.....most of these don't even make it into the house.....yum!
 the very top left hand side you can see the yellow pear tomatoe turning, well...yellow. These don't make it in the house either.....eventhough they are just outside the door. lol. Usually they get harvested and eaten on the way to to the car. As you can tell the Cherry Tomatoes are trying to crowd them out....unsucessfully.

And here's the Brandywine that I tried this year. I don't think I'll try these again....not because they aren't good. They are. When I remember that they do not turn a bright red when ripe....more of a muted color. lol

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