Sunday, August 27, 2006

Garden Update and a Knitting blurb

I think I figured out why I've not been sleeping. I think I'm subconciously worried that I won't reach my goal of having the garden completed before the weather turns. I've been lucky the last four nights as I've not had any insomnia at all.

We've made so much progress this week and have finally hit that point where even small jobs out there make such a huge visable difference. It's even getting to the point where I think Don can visualize where I'm headed with it. lol I was lucky enough to score the 2nd of September off, giving me a full 3 days off in a row. Unheard of! I'm fully planning on spending it out in the garden as much as possible. That will of course insure that it will rain the whole weekend....but I really hope not! It's suppose to rain this week some and then clear back up. We really need the rain, so I'm not grumbling about it one bit. I just hope it stops long enough for me to get the rest of the garden done. ;) let's start with the "Garden Workers". Any time we are out in the garden area there are two family memebers that HAVE to be there with us. Salem spends the time moving around and making sure we're not messing his area up too much. In this picture I caught him taking a break under the plum tree in the "Little Dog Yard". I guess even he needs a break every once in a while.

Mowgli is the support crew. He is usually "tilling" up some area....or holding down some area....or just generally lending his moral support. I'm just so happy to see him feeling better now. He's finally eating again....and how! I'm buying a special canned food that he gets twice a day and it's helping him put his weight back on and is making him want to eat again, so he's also eating his dry food every day too. He's still pretty bony and definately not up to weight yet...but this picture shows he's starting to fill out again.

Don helped me build the strawberry bed today and we moved quite a bit of dirt as well. I finished off moving the last of the pile tonight as there wasn't that much left and I really really wanted it gone. That pile of "soil" has been there for two years! It feels so good to have it gone! Just clearing that area and installing the strawberry bed made a world of difference. I took these pictures after soaking the area down really well. It's been so long since we had any actual rain fall that the dirt was just basically dust. You can also see the long pea/bean bed that I installed last week.

The watering combined with the fact that it was late afternoon and the sun was going down is why the pictures look so dark. From here you can see that most of the work has been done in the back area of the garden so far. I'm slowly working my way to the front. lol. Part of this is caused by the blistering heat lately....and part of it is because of a burn ban that has been in effect for quite awhile meaning I can't burn the brush that's stacked up front. The other reason is that I won't know where the third bed will be placed until I install the second square bed....and move that apple bin with the sifter on top of it. ;) It's all a progression. Oh! and just incase anyone cares...the wire over the beds is to prevent Salem from getting any ideas, if you know what I mean. lol

Well the only other news is in the knitting department. The second Self Striping sock is in the gusset faze. The heels been turned and the gusset started. It's moving a bit quicker now that I've got point protectors to help me keep from dropping stitches. Hopefully there will be a FO post soon!

That is truely all for tonight! I'm off to play with some fiber before I go to bed. VBG!


Sydney said...

Your garden is looking really good!

April said...

Thanks Sydney! I'm really excited to see it finally coming together.

Anonymous said...

okay so don't forget that you got to scrap with us on Sat and I was so glad you could. Awesome job on the yard it looks so nice and ummmmmmm like moss I love the color of the fiber!