Sunday, September 10, 2006

The Draft Horse and Mule Extravaganza!

I started this post on the 10th of September and with everthing going on around here never finished it. I almost deleted it and said "bag it!" but changed my mind and decided that I should just finish it and be done. So here it is...the final Evergreen State Fair post. ;)

I promise that this is the last post about the Evergreen State Fair! But really, it was such a good time!Honest! Don took many pictures at this event and I could not get over how beautiful these animals are and how impressive they are. So you know he heard "OH LOOK!" so much that his ears probably bled and that is probably the real reason behind the copious amounts of pictures. That being said....I finally narrowed down the lot to a "few" that I'll post here. The problem with this event is that they are in motion...and that can make them a bit blurry during pics. ;)

This Belgian guy was having a bit of a stomping fit as he was tied to the stall front awaiting hitching. I made kissy face sound so that we could get his attention and he actually stopped and basically posed. I was amazed! Later during the competition I heard his driver using the same types of noises so he was probably wondering what the heck I expected him to do tied to the stall front! lol

This Clydesdale is almost fully tacked up. Not quite though and he waits very patiently.

This guy is in the process of being hitched up for the first event. At this point Don and I headed into the Arena for the show. The Extravaganza ran for three nights but we were only there for one.

My two favorites were these Draft Mules and the Black Percherons. These Mules were so well behaved and looked like it was just another day to them. It was nice to see him pick up some ribbons.

This was one of the best pictures we got of the Two horse set up. Don took several pics...but with them moving so quickly it was hard to get clear pictures.

This was the first Spotted Draft horse I've ever seen. They have a pair that are just beautiful and from what I heard at the fair, they are very rare.

When the teams were done with thier movements around the arena, the Judge would line them up in the center to complete judging. Each time they'd line up facing a different direction so we weren't always looking at the wagon end.

The 4 horse set up is the last we have pictures of. The batteries died shortly after that. They did have larger team competitions that were amazing to watch.

Ok so that's it. I'm done with the Fair Posts. lol No more from me. ;)

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