Sunday, September 10, 2006

New Projects and Finished Ones

New on the needles......Children of Lir Stole. Why? Because I don't have enough aggravation in my life. I've been wanting to knit something lace-y and thought that something small like this stole would be a good start. Ahem. Ok. The picture above is only two rows. Don't laugh. That was attempt # 4. After attempt #3 I learned why the stitch markers would be a good idea. After attempt # 4 I learned why a life line is called a life line. Unfortunately it was too late and I had to frog the darn thing. Proof that it's never too early to insert a life line in lace knitting. Lesson learned. Anyone know how to insert a life line during cast on? lol.

Don played around with the camera today and figured out how to change the flash pattern on it. Thus...our pictures are showing much better now and purple is coming out purple for a change. This is the start of Melissa's purple for her slippers. I have to confess to taking this off the wheel so I can recycle yarn from a sweater. It's white, really really soft and if it dyes up pretty it will be reknitted into a certain cabled sweather that I want. ;) I'm almost done with the respinning process and will start on this again soon.

Don and I picked up the soil to finish out the garden today. We were able to finish off all the beds, including the herb bed (at left..ready for herbs...sporting some oriental cucumbers...) and two flower beds out front. This Autumn will be dotted with small transplanting episodes and some paths being cleared out. I'm trying to get things buttoned up for the winter and as soon as I see a project completed...I see another that I would like to have done before snow falls. Which is very ironic as it may not snow until Valentines Day! lol I've got a feeling (hope) that this is going to be a cold winter though. I'm hoping for many spinning/dyeing/knitting days lol.
As you can see in this one, the path next to the house is not completed yet. I'll probably work on that next weekend. I've got plans for next Wednesday, so it'll have to wait a bit longer. I'm pleased to see this moving along and to see that it's ready for some transplanting and seeding for the winter. The long thin bed will have the raspberries and strawberries in it. I'll have to put in the posts and wires for the raspberries. The three square beds will be seeded with a soil building green manure for fall/winter, as will the long bed for beans and peas.

This is actually a pretty poor picture of the long bed. Those little composters at the end kick out quite the compost though. Which is good....

Cause look what's been building up. Yep...the large compost pile is just that. A pile. Boy am I glad I didn't cut out the rest of that pathway yet! Or install the other flower bed in front. Geese! Although sod does break down quick and it does make great takes up so much room to begin with and is so heavy. It'll all break down and become part of the gardens again. I am hoping that I can get some quick composting underway soon. I'm looking into it and seeing the best way to boost it for the colder months.

Well today is done. The last Fair post is being worked on, but to be honest...the lace and the laundry are calling me. I need clean clothes and I will beat this pattern! ;) Or die trying. lol

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Sydney said...

Lifelines can be a life saver when you're knitting lace. LOL! Your purple yarn is really nice. I like that color.