Friday, September 15, 2006

Selfish Sunday Knitters Cross Post

I joined a blog group called Selfish Sunday Knitters and you can find that blog here . There are several people that contribute to it (it'll probably catch on and grow like crazy.) and the premise is that we take some time on Sundays to knit just for ourselves, sharing our projects on the blog and supporting one another. So everytime I post to that blog I'll cross post here as well and they will all be titled Selfish Sunday Knitters Cross Post. Here is installment #1. My...that makes it sound so important. lol
I'm sorry I'm late posting. I'll be better and "on time" from now on. lol. I didn't realize until late yesterday that the blog was up and going so I missed out on signing in until today. Now I'll apologise for the fuzzy blurry pictures.....I'm having problems with my fingers falling asleep and loosing my grasp on things this picture taking is "interesting" to say the least. (So is knitting for that matter!)

I decided that I wanted to learn how to knit lace so that is what I'm doing with my "SSK" time. I chose the Children of Lir Stole pattern from the book "Traditional Knitted Lace Shawls" by Martha Waterman. Mainly I chose it because it isn't that large and the stitches seemed to "make sense". I'm a fairly new knitter and learned by making simple socks on tiny sock needles. These larger needles feel huge! (Larger was the plan for learning. lol) As I meet a new stitch I look it up and go for it. The fewer new stitches in the pattern....the faster I memorize how to do them. So far there has only been one new stitch...dbl dec....but it's early days yet. lol

This was started on Saturday night and I posted about it at my blog on Sunday with two whole rows completed. Of course it took me several tries and several froggings before I remembered to use stitch markers. It wasn't until Sunday evening, after 5 more rip outs,(yes....still on row 2 or 3) that I realized there must be a problem with the pattern. I looked online and sure enough.....the pattern in the book said to cast on with 73 stitches....the correction on the internet states to use 83! Things have progressed since then and I'm on row 8 now. (and using a life line!)This picture shows a "lacey" line of holes........I sincerely hope that they are suppose to look like that and that it's not a case of me just making a really regular mistake! Ah, if it were easy, I wouldn't enjoy it so much!


Vanessa said...

I've been knitting lace too! The Mystery Stole 2. The first half is done and I'm about halfway through clue 2 of 6 (plus edging) on the second half. Maybe I'll do some selfish Sunday knitting myself!

Leah said...

Hey there April! How are you coming on your SSK project? Wanted to let you know that 2 POUNDS of your merino/tussah silk laps should be there ANY DAY NOW!

April said...

Vanessa you should join the SSK group! It's lots of fun to see what others are doing and share tips!