Thursday, September 21, 2006

Selfish Sunday Knitters Cross Post-2

I'll not post a pic this time as the LIP (Lace In Progress..heheheh) is the same size as the last picture basically. I havn't been able to knit more than 1 repeat (1/3rd a row) since the marathon 5 hr knitting I did that Sunday. I was so wound up in the pattern, the repeats, the constant frogging....that I didn't take enough breaks to stretch out my hands. That coupled with a move up on the size of needles and my super controling grip that I'm trying to relax (VBG) caused me to be in agony much of the week. I thought for sure that I was going to have to have the hands amputated!!! heheh Let me tell you, there's not much sympathy for knitting related injuries around here. So all this adds up to no knitting, sporadic spinning and a grumpy fiber gal for a week. Sunday night I was able to do some spinning again and on Tuesday I made it through our spinning guild meeting. By the time the weekend arrives I should be back to knitting full force...with breaks and stretching. ;) I don't ever want to go through that again.

On the Fiber front....I ordered some Merino/Tussah Silk laps from a special person we know and they should be here any day I am assured. (Tis good to know as the postman is starting to avoid me.) I'm so excited about it I'm fairly bouncing around. I'm already dreaming of some dyeing I can do with it....heheheh I feel some SSS....Selfish Saturday Silk coming on.

Thankfully the rain season has begun and I can spend more time working with fiber indoors without feeling guilty. Unfortunately I still have some 6 bags of fleece that need a primary washing to get the stench off as I don't know if it will ruin them if they stay "in the stink" over winter. (They're in the shed...not the house. Thank goodness!) Well gang...I'm off to get ready for work. Hope all the projects are moving faster than mine! hehe


Cindy said...

No. My projects are moving any faster than yours. I so understand about the hand pain. Sucks, doesn't it? On the fleece front. I read somewhere that moths love unwashed fleece more than washed. I'm trying to get my fleece washed before the cold weather sets in. It's rainy here now too, so that slows the whole process down.

Cindy said...

I meant my projects aren't moving any faster than yours. So sorry.