Monday, September 04, 2006

FO's-That's Finished Objects! Yes Sir!

There is now more usable clean fiber stored in the shed than unwashed smelly fleece. There's still unwashed smelly fleece, believe me....but still....progress has been made. That also means that there is more floor space in the living room as the clean fiber has been packed and placed in the shed. Yes, I remembered to keep out a heap of fiber to use!

This has been a wonderful weekend with much accomplished! It was weird having three days off in a row, but it was great to get so much done! Don and I worked out in the garden for much of the last two days, avoiding the heat of the day as much as possible. We did complete building the garden, as much as we could considering we ran out of dirt and shavings. lol. I will need to make a trip on Wednesday to pick up some soil and another layer of shavings will need to be added to the walkways before winter hits. The only things left to complete is the gravel walkway up next to the house, the transplanting, the planting of the cover crops. In the next pic you can see he even has the tires laid out for the vining plants! woo hoo! The funky color change on the shavings is due to me running out of pine shavings and busting open an older bale of cedar shavings I had hanging around. (You'd think I collected the stuff.) After it was done I told Don we could have some real design fun using the two types in the future. (I know...I'm a geek!)
There were a couple of design changes, but that usually happens when I start something and he jumps in to help. I'm the "just-start-it-and-make-it-up-as-I-go-along" type and he's the planner. So he usually ends up helping me see the "error" of my ways somewhere along the line, and the project ends up completed and looking nice. One of the changes that came up in the "later" stages of planning is that the area desingnated for strawberries is in too shady an area. (Yes, I admitted to him tha the was right.) However....the raspberry bed is plenty big enough and in the right area....and they like the same soil, we're going to try companion planting strawberries and raspberries. My luck is they'll hybrid and end up goofy. If so...transplanting will happen again. The other change is the blueberries. They also need more sun than the original strawberry spot so that's a no go.....and well....those bushes get bigger than I remember. So I don't think they'll go in the garden area but will have to go out in the front yard. It's not a big deal, it just means I'll have to re-evaluate the front yard a bit. (yep...shovel in hand probably. lol) Oh..and that means I now have a wonderful lettuce circle in a fabulously shady spot! heheheheh

I'm terribly pleased this is done and I'm basically in awe of it. Every time I look out there I'm suprised to see it completed. There are still minor projects to do, but there are ALWAYS projects going on in the garden so I'm not stressed about that at all. Let the seasons change! It can now snow. I'm ok with it. lol

I finally finished the self striping socks! I finished them on Friday night but with all the Evergreen Fair posts I decided to hold off on posting them. I was a bit off on the starting spot on the yarn, so the pattern is just a hair off....but I like them anyway. They fit and are comfortable and that's all that really matters. It looks like I'll have to find a way to link Finished Objects on the side bar soon. Pretty much that means Don will have to help me. I'll leave it for later as I've already bugged him tonight in getting the new buttons posted. lol

This is something new I'm making this year. The lady we gave the Diamond Doves to was making Cordial and gave us a taste of some finished Raspberry Cordial. She also told me how to make it and it's easy as can be! So...being the compulsive person I am....I'm turning fruit into Cordial. Pictured left to right is Strawberry, Blackberry and Peach. The Blackberry is from frozen store bought berrys, but Don picked enough blackberries today to put up two more quarts of those are marked fresh. I've got some to share and another friend is making we're trading one of our peach for one of her Raspberry. Isn't life grand!

I spent today in the house cleaning and washing fleece (I think that will end up on my tombstone! "she washed fleece" lol) and the house looks good and smells good again. I'm pooped but I was too muscle sore to work in the yard. Don worked out there for most of the day, trimming blackberries and grass and mowing the lawn. All in all the place is looking pretty good. I'm pleased to be sure! I'm off to spin out some wet fleece thats soaking in the washer, do a load of laundry and cook dinner. I've another post to do later but I really want to spin a bit. I havn't spun anything in about a week and it's bugging me. ;) Off I go. (Or is it "Off, I am!") lol

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